Youth Gardening Event- How To Plan?

In today’s time gardening has lost its charm. With all the new technology and games emerging every day, gardening for the youth has become nothing but a video game. Bringing back gardening as a hobby is very important. With the youth being so absorbed in the activities such as social media and electronic devices, their social and real life is being engulfed by the virtual world. Gardening not only increases the knowledge of the young adults about the surroundings but also helps them interact with the other people around them.

The best way to promote gardening amongst the youth is through gardening events. A gardening event can be anything from teaching the attendees the techniques to practice showing them the art of growing plants. It can be an indoor lecture or an outdoor class or a competition to create the best garden layout and much more. All these themes are aimed at getting the youth interested in the activity.

There are many different kinds of youth gardening events being organised all over the world. Each of these events is better than the other and there is stiff competition. Many new technologies such as huge screens and projected movies are being shown to the people to gain their interest in these events. Power point presentations are being used to tell people about various techniques that can be used in gardening. The use of technology in this sphere is commendable.  

If you want the youth in your locality to participate in gardening activities, you can also organise a youth gardening event. It is not a very tough task after you decide what kind of an event has to be organised. You will need much more resources in order to plan an outdoor and practical youth gardening event than a lecture. We are here to help you with all the things that you need to know do before your Youth Gardening Event. Keep Reading:

Type of Youth Gardening Event

The first thing you need to decide before hosting this youth gardening event is what kind of an event should be organised. The type of event depends on the number and type of people attending it. You can have a workshop, a competition or just a lecture event. The best kind of gardening events are the outdoor events. Decide the duration of the event as well. Include the activities according to the duration of the event.

Budget and Sponsors

Budget is one of the main components in planning out any event be it big or small. You need the budget depending on what kind of event you wish to organise and what activities will be involved in it. If the event is huge, you can look out for sponsors. Make a detailed plan and report before reaching out to any sponsor. explain to them all the benefits they will get out of helping you in the event. Make sure you discuss all the terms and conditions before taking any money.

After you have the budget make sure you use it judiciously. Set a separate budget for each big or small activity and stick to it. Avoid any unnecessary spendings. If possible set up a different team to handle all the budgeting issues.


The venue is going to make the first impression to the attendees. This means that the venue should be perfect in every sense. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible and has enough space for the people to work if it is a workshop. Make sure there is enough material for all the attendees to use. Shortage of tools and raw material is not an impressive thing. Make sure you only invite or accept applications from the number of people you can easily handle.

Speakers and Trainers

The trainers and the speakers are the heart of your event. Make sure you call someone who is able to captivate the audience and make the whole experience fun for them. Remember the main motive here is to make gardening popular amongst the youth. The youth does not like boring things.

Make sure you have enough budget to pay the trainer and also to arrange for his transport and living. Go talk to the trainer or speaker in person before the actual day of the event and explain everything to him. Make sure you discuss all his needs and wants before finalising him for the event.

Participants and Attendees

Next step is deciding what kind of people you want to attend your event. You obviously know that they need to be the young adults. The challenge is deciding what kind. Make an estimate of how many application forms you want to release so that you make the arrangements accordingly.

Food and Beverages

If the event lasts more than a couple of hours, you will have to serve some kind of food or beverages. Decide what kind of food, snack and drinks to serve. Keep in mind the time of the day, the season and the budget. In addition to this make sure whatever you serve is enough to feed all the attendees. It does not mean that you have to give them a three-course meal. But make sure it does not get short. Appoint experienced and well-trusted cooks for this. Furthermore, you can also make these meals from the organic garden grew products to match up with the theme.

Promotion and Registration

The next big thing is a promotion. How will you attract the attendees? Social media is the first and the most effective option we have. Since you are mostly targeting the youth through your events, it is better to reach out to them at a platform they can easily access. Make a page for your event and send an invite to the potentially interested candidates.

Make a registration form. Ask all the potential attendees to fill it so that you know exactly how many people will be attending. Sites like event bright or Google forms can help you make the forms easily and put them on your social media accounts. In addition to this, you can also use flyers, posters and banners to promote your event.

Keep this small list of things handy while planning your Youth Gardening event and we assure you that it will be a huge success.

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