Want Sponsors For Your Comedy Event? Do This!

Comedy is blooming as an area of entertainment all over the world and there are some really witty and funny comics coming out from different parts of the world to entertain people. A comedy event is basically a stand-up comedy show in which the comics talk directly to the audience and crack jokes to entertain them. The style and the genre of comedy have evolved and changed over time since different type of people want different types of comedies. There are some really famous comedians that have made big in this industry.

Organising a comedy event is not that tough thing to do. You need to follow some really simple steps and you will have yourself a kickass comedy event that people will love.  However, every comedy event or any kind of event needs sponsors to be a success. If you want to attract high-quality sponsors, you will have to work extra hard to get them. Finding sponsors is a very difficult task. If this is your first time organising a comedy event and you want some nice sponsors for it, we can give you a few tips on how to go about it.

But first, let us know what are the steps that will be involved in organising a comedy event.

  • Decide The Purpose

Decide the purpose of the comedy event. Do you want it to be a charity event? Or do you want it to be a profit event? If it is a charity event, the preparations will not be similar to that done for a profit event.  You will want to have a different budget also for both these things. So make sure what the comedy event is about.

  • Make A List Of The Comics

List down all the comics you want to perform at your event. Contact them and confirm whether they are available and ready to perform for you.  If yes then decide the price and needs in advance. Make sure some of the names in your list are if famous people.

  • Get Sponsors

You need a budget and for that you want sponsors. How to get a sponsor is given below.

  • Decide a Date And Time

Decide the time and date for the event in advance.  You do not want the date and time to clash with any other big event.  So make sure you take care of that. Also, see when can the target audience be able to attend the show and decide the time accordingly.

  • Get The Venue

Select a nice venue that is enough to fit the whole crowd and also spacious enough for them to breathe and move around.  Do not select a venue that is too small.  Since there will be stage performances during the comedy event, make sure all the sound systems are on point and meets your need.

  • Send Invitations

Send out invitations to the VIP guests and the performers in the form of email or printed cards. If possible,  make an effort and deliver it yourself. Invite a few famous persons to your event in order to increase the publicity.

  • Publicize

Make sure you publicise the comedy event well. Use all the possible publicity methods from email marketing to social media to radios and televisions. If none of these work then go for flyers and billboards. It would be better if you use all the together.

  • Sell Tickets

The last step is to sell the tickets. The tickets can either be sold online or through the venue. Price the tickets in such a way that they suit the budget of the attendees.


Want Good Sponsors?

  • Make a detailed plan

The first thing you should do if you want a good sponsor is to make a proper blueprint of all the things that are necessary for your event. The aim and all the details of the event should be mentioned clearly in the plan. This is the file you will be submitting to the sponsors, so try and make it as detailed as possible.

  • List The Potential Sponsors

Make a list of all the people that you might think can sponsor you. Do not just rely on one person. You need to have at least 10 people on your list so that if one says no, you will have other options. You can also opt for multiple sponsors if not one. Be really thoughtful and open minded while making the list.

  • Approach The Sponsors

Once you have selected the sponsors that you have to approach, create an email and a handwritten letter. Send this to them and wait for the reply. In addition to this make sure you contact them on the phone and arrange a meeting with them. The things you can discuss in person can not be discussed on the phone or over the email. If you can not meet them in person, at-least try to arrange for a video call to have a one on one conversation. However, do not be rude in your approach. Make a subtle approach and talk about their profits.

  • Give Them A Reason

There is no way that the sponsor you want will give you the fundings without taking some benefits for themselves. You have to give them a reason to sponsor your comedy event. There can be different reasons for the person to be interested in your event. It could be that they want to gain publicity from it. Or if the event is for charity, many people want to appear as charitable organisations and might help you with it for this reason. Some sponsors are interested in the profits and you should be able to provide them with a lot of profit. Your work is to research about the organisation and make a list of all the things they have done in the past. This will help you understand what the sponsors might expect from you.

  • Discuss All The Details

Once the sponsors agree to fund you, make sure you discuss all the detail with them before they actually provide you with the funds. Sign a legal contract with them and make sure every small detail has been covered in it.

  • Take The Funds

Once all formalities are done, take the funds and start utilising them judiciously. Make sure you need to make the arrangements top class so that more and more people attend the event and the sponsors that you want, get the maximum benefits out of it.


Keep these small things in mind and have yourself an amazing comedy event sponsored by some great organisations.

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