Top 5 weekend events: Voice Toning and Mindfulness

Meditation helps reduce stress.
A study at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008 showed meditation helped to reduce blood pressure.

It’s always important for you to unwind from time to time. After spending the weekdays working the regular job, it’s a good idea to spend the weekend doing some activities like voice toning and mindfulness, trolley tours and forest bathing help to refresh your mind. It can help you to maintain a low stress level and keep your mind and body in good shape.

What are this weekend’s top highlighted worker unplug events that you can attend around the New York City area? Here are the best picks for you:

1. Voice Toning and Mindfulness

Opens Saturday

Did you know there are specific vowels sound or seed mantras that if recited can awaken you from a physiology slumber? This one hours session will teach you the secrets of toning. There are two different skills you will have to learn to master toning, these humming while exhaling and expressing open vowel sounds. This technique is thought to induce relaxation, release built up stress, increase mental focus and even supercharge the immune response. You can teach others these mantras to help them gain psychological insight and change any negative thinking patterns. With so many potential benefits of learning these mantras there is no reason not to show up 10:30Am – 11:30am. Saturday at Simple Studios – rehearsal space, 134 West 29th Street, New York, The entry cost is $14, and you can find more information about this event below.

2. Meditation for Beginners


For beginners to learn the art of meditation, it is better for them to meet the experts in meditation rather than learning by yourselves at home. Of course, there are lots of videos and podcasts that you can use to help learn about the art of meditation, but it won’t even give you the same experience as when you sit together with other beginners to meditate, with the guidance of real experts. Meditation for Beginners is an event that will be available Saturday, December 1st, at Vajradhara Meditation Center in Brooklyn, NY. Here, you can find lots of information about meditation and how to use it in real-life practices. The entry fee is $20,

3. Historic Trolley Tour: Discover Green-Wood


The Historic Trolley Tour events have been around for years, and for this weekend’s schedule, you can discover the history of Green-Wood. It is a leisure tour that you can enjoy while riding the trolley around various areas of Green-Wood, New York City. In this event, you can learn lots of historical stories about Green-Wood by visiting various iconic historical places and objects, the far side area, and the hidden gems of Green-Wood. The tour will take place Sunday, December 2nd, at Green-Wood, 500 25th Street, Brooklyn. The entry fee will be $20.

4. Vipassana Meditation Course


Learning about the true nature of reality is not easy. But, with Vipassana meditation, you can gradually open your mind and body to the true nature of reality, helping you to achieve the mindfulness that you need to keep the harmony in your life. Self-discovery and self-observation are among the many things that you will learn during the Vipassana Meditation Course event that you can attend this weekend. The event will take place at New York City Gnostic Education Center, Saturday, December 1st. The ticket price is $5.

5. Forest Bathing


Forest bathing, is a Japanese practice  known as “Shinru-yoku” which translates in english to, forest therapy or nature therapy. The essences of this activity is to engage the mind, soul and body with the surrounding nature. This ancient art have been practiced for hundreds of year and is reported to improve health and help relieve stress. This event is organized by The Natural Areas Conservancy and will have expert guides to supervise the walk, the event will conclude with a tea ceremony and light snack. Bring your warm winter gear and get ready to become one with nature from 10 am – 1 pm. Sunday at Upper Alley Pond Parking Lot, Queens, NY. The event is free of charge. Call (212) 360-3356 or go to the following website. 

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