How to Plan and Execute a Triathlon Event

Sports is the most basic and important part of life. It keep a person healthy and active for whole day. It is one type of mind refreshment for some and for others it becomes their profession . There is no age limit for sports. In sports one will find two sides where one will win while other will lose it similar to life. It teaches us the rules of life where one is not going to win every time. One may even lose also but it not the end that what it teaches. It strengthen one’s mind, gives motivation to except challenges. Also motivate to not to lose hope until and unless you achieve your goal. Sports are of two types one is indoor and another is outdoor in which includes the triathlon .So it is very necessary that one has to include playing as their part of life.

It develops one’s physical and mental energy. By sitting at home or in their respective comfortable place one can enjoy playing.  In schools and colleges also along with education they have kept sport as a part of it. As triathlon is combo of  three games which was played one after the other without any break. It is introduced for first time in France in the year 1920s. Cycling, running and canoeing was part of it  before but later  it is changed to cycling, swimming and running. When it comes to rules and regulation point of view, there is no such rules to follow according to the sequence. Planning is the most important part for organizing an triathlon event. There are 8 simple steps to follow.

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 1) Goal and objective of the event :

It is the first step before planning for an event. One should know the goal and objective of organizing this event which means that the main aim of organizing this event, how it is useful to others, what are the achievements ?

2) Team organization for the event :

Team work is the most important part of an event organization. As a single person cannot handle all the works on its own. Work is equally divided in the team, for the perfect execution of plan individual member of the team gives 100% effort. By doing so it will lead to completion of all the works in time. Usually the team of an event includes the event manager which include the venue manager, volunteer manager, sponsors, entertainment team, speaker, and publicity team.

3) Selecting perfect date and time for the event:

Select a perfect date and time so that one can attract a quite numbers of auditions towards their event. Always try to keep the dates on weekends so that most of them gets the opportunity to attend it. And keeping a maximum gap so that one can get enough time to plan for the event perfectly. Sometimes it is very necessary to decide the dates according to the VIP guest, chief guest, speakers or presenters.

4) Choosing a perfect venue for the event :

When it comes to the an event related to sports than it is very important than one should choose a good and a big stadium having a swimming pool, and a perfect and big ground for running and cycling purpose. As  it is selected for triathlon event. And having proper green room or changing room for the players,  with enough space for parking purpose and should be barrier free so that it will be accessible by all.

5) Designing of logo for triathlon event:

The triathlon has its own logo for Olympics. The organizer can decide  whether they want to use the same logo for the event or else they can even design another logo which represents it.  The logo should be such that one will come to understand just by seeing it. The logo is the representation of the respective event. And triathlon has its own organization team.

6) Designing of master plan of the event:

The master plan should consists of all the aspects of the event like the venue, logo, whole team of the organization ( speakers, represented, sponsors, publicity, volunteer manager, and entertainment team) , date and time, activities included in it, VIP guests, chief guest .

7) Sponsorship and budget planning for the event :

Estimation of the budget is the most important part of every event. The budget include the venue, logo, travelling cost of the VIP guest and chief guest and the in whole the master plan of the event. And usually the budget planning depends upon the sponsorship. The master plan attract the sponsors that the sponsorship will come time to time in time of requirement.

8) Publicity plan for the event :

Publicity is very important for an event. Through publicity both the players, audition and all other people will come to know about it.   It will lead to increase of the success rate. Very easily it can spread all over the world through the social networking sites, website, newspapers, advertisement, and social media.

It is not necessary to follow all the steps accordingly,  small changes can done according to need and requirement. As it is a sport event so the registration date and event date should be different. So that the players will do registration from beforehand and a team will formed before the date of event. It is the most important part of the event is to publish the winners and consolation prize from beforehand to attract more number of players and auditions. On the day of event calling the media, doing publicity and giving the auditions the updates time to time will increase the success rate of the event.

The winner is honored, respected and awarded. The name of the winner is updated by social media. The other participation’s and finalists honored and awarded with consolation prizes. This will lead to a very successful event and along with it the popularity will also increase. Hope this article will be very helpful to all those organizers who want to plan and execute for a successful event.

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