How to Organize a Trade Show Event

A trade show is basically an exhibition where the companies working in a particular field showcase their goods to the public. The trade shows are also organized by the companies to showcase and promote their newly launched goods and services. These are usually free for the public to attend but costs the vendors and companies some cash to feature. The trade shows can either be organized by just one organization or a planner for many different organizations. 

The trade shows can also be used to sell a particular type of business to the sponsors or to attract financiers for the businesses.

Trade shows have become a common phenomenon all around the world and are one of the most common techniques of the companies to brand or rebrand their product and sell it to the people. There is a lot of competition amongst the organizers to be better than the other and hence the execution of these trade shows is getting better with every day.

If you are planning to organize a trade show we must tell you that it is not an easy task to accomplish. If this is your first time doing this, we would recommend you to be really careful with your planning and preparations because a trade show is a really big event that has a huge possibility for the things to go wrong. Ig you have absolutely no idea how to go about the planning and execution of the trade show, we are here to help. Here are some points that you should follow in order to organize a successful trade show event. Keep reading:



  • Take Your Time To Plan The Trade Show

    The very first thing to do is start the planning way ahead of time. Depending on the size of the event, six months to a year is the ideal time to plan and execute the event properly. So, start early and make a step by step plan and keep cutting off the thing that you have achieved from the list one by one.

  • Attend Various Trade Shows

     Try and visit as many trade shows as possible during the time period of your planning. Keep an open mind about it and be ready to make changes to your plan. With time, technology develops and you might find something new at these trade fairs. Use that and incorporate it into your own trade show. It will increase the appeal of your event excessively.

  • Create A Team

    No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to organize a whole trade show all by yourself. You need to have a group of trained professionals in various fields that can advise you and help you in making all the arrangements. Make sure that you interview every candidate before putting them in the team since the quality of the team members is better than the quantity. Now, sit down your team and ask them to make every decision together. This is especially helpful for the beginners.

  • Decide A Budget

    Budget is a very important part of any kind of event plan. Trade shows require a lot of budgets. If it is being organized by a huge organization, the budget will be released to you by the organization head itself. But if you are just a planner, sponsors are what you need to look out for. Start looking for the sponsors as soon as your plan is ready. You could also partnered up with various companies and ask them to help you with their finances.

    Once you have the budget make sure you use it in a way that you are left with some emergency budget by the end of all the preparations. Also, try and avoid unnecessary expenditure and cut cost as much as possible.

  • Decide Your Audience

    Make sure you do your research and decide what kind of an audience you want to target with your trade show. This will not only help you design the ambiance and the look of the venue but also help you decide what vendors you need to contact for the event. Also, make sure that you know the exact amount of people that can attend the trade show event.

  • Contact The Vendors

    Vendors are the flesh and bones of your event. So, choose each and every vendor properly. Make a list of priorities that a vendor has to fulfill in order to put up a stall. Furthermore, go and invite some of the companies yourself and ask them to put up stalls in your trade show. The famous companies are the ones that will make your trade show a hit.

  • Pick Up A Venue

    Next thing to consider for your trade  show is the venue. Make sure the venue you select is large enough to fit the whole audience and also all the stalls. The people should be able to move around the place and explore all the products on display. Also, make sure that the venue is easily accessible to the people.  There should be enough parking space in and around the venue area.

    Catering also comes under the preparation of the venue. You will definitely have to put up food stalls for both vendors and the attendees. Make sure that the venue provides catering services. If they do not then partner with the local food chains and ask them to put up their stalls in the trade show.

  • Publicize

    Publicize your trade show at every possible platform. Print out flyers and banners with the trade show details and name. In addition to this use social media free marketing tool to help you save money and publicize the event. You can also use email marketing and radio announcements to attract the crowd to your event. Make sure you take a good two month period for publicity so that the maximum audience can be targeted.

  • Tickets

    The vendors that will set up their booths in the trade show will need to buy some passes or tickets to enter the event. Make sure you price the tickets properly so that it is not heavy on any person’s pocket. You can sell tickets online as well as offline until the day of the trade show event.
    On the day of the event make sure that you see to every arrangement by yourself. The security around the event should be tight to protect the products that are being showcased. Make sure no one has any problems and set up a  team to guide the people around the area.



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