6 Helpful Tips for Fundraising Events

A standard form of fund raising is organizing fundraising events. They can not only be great money makers, but can also be costly as well as time consuming. And not to forget, a successful event depends on careful planning. Thus, if you are any non-profit organization or an individual of raising money, you will find the following 6 tips helpful. There are different causes for which you are really concerned and want to raise funds. Following are some of the tips to integrate in your event plan to raise money. These tips will surely help you to get what you desire.

  1. Objective behind organizing fundraising events

The most important thing is to decide your purpose behind organizing such fundraising events. Is the event organized only for fundraising or has it some other goals also? There are several such organizations, which raise money at their event, but their main motto behind this is reaching out to new networks and/ or gaining publicity. So, it is quite normal to have more than one goal behind organizing an event. If your goal is only fundraising, then decide the amount of money you want to raise at the event.

  1. Forming a list

The next thing to do is to form a list of the names of family, friends, co-workers who can be your potential donors for the fundraising events. There may be several people around you who might support you in your cause, someone whom you know very well. Asking them for help will not cost you anything, so keep on including them in the list that you think are suitable. Note that you have to think creatively in this situation.

  1. Fixing a budget

Before organizing any kind of fundraising events, it is very important to fix a budget to list down all sorts of expenses needed in organizing the event. It includes invitations, catering, staff, space rental, transportation, utilities, entertainment, security and all those things which are required for making a successful event. But, do not forget about your fundraising goal while fixing the budget. Make sure to raise the expected amount above all expenses. And, also keep a part in your budget list for unanticipated expenses.

  1. Target audiences

You also need to know who your targeted audiences are. Is this a general fundraising event where everyone is invited? Or, only some particular groups of people are invited, like parents, young professionals or business people? In simple words, decide whom you want to invite in the event you are organizing.

  1. Leadership

Your event may consist of a host committee and/ or more than one host of committee chairpersons. They are mainly business leaders, local celebs, or wealthy donors. These people can contribute considerable sums to the event and also encourage others to do the same. Though they do not run the event, but they play a major role in making you reach to your fundraising goals.

  1. Go for handwritten letters

It may sound a bit bizarre that in today’s world of emails why you are being suggested to use handwritten letters for invitation. Handwritten letters add a personal touch, which is not there in e-mails. It will be better if you personally go and deliver the letter to them.There is every possibility that your invitees will throw the letters after receiving or reading. But, there is also the chance of not reading an e-mail also. Yes, it is possible! So, using e-mail as a follow-up is a better option.

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