How to Plan a Theme based Party

Parties and get together are always fun and a great way to meet people and socialize. However going or organizing the same kind of party every time becomes really boring. Adding a theme to the party instantly makes it even more interesting and enjoyable. However selecting the perfect theme for your party can be a little confusing. Additionally, a themed party needs much more planning and precision than a normal party.

If you are planning to organize a theme party and this is your first time doing so, we would like to tell you to start planning well in advance. There are a lot of arrangements that you need to do in order to plan a theme based party and you would need a lot of time for it.

We have created a step by step guide that will help you get through all the party preparation in no time. Keep reading:

  1. Determine the Party Budget

    The first thing to note about a theme party is that they cost a lot. If you are planning to organize a theme based party, the budget will be at least 20% higher than a normal party. Make a plan and know how much you exactly want to spend at the party. Decide an amount that you can exactly spend without breaking the bank. Do not go overboard with the spending since it is just a party and you need to cut the cost.

  2. Know The Type Of Attendees

    The type of people attending your party will eventually determine the kind of theme that you need to have for it. For example, the themes for the teenagers is different than the children and that of the elder people is way different than the youth. The attendees will also help you determine the kind of food to serve, the decoration and the other arrangements such as music, venue etc. Make a definite list of all the attendees that you plan to invite to your party.

  3. Decide The Type Of Party

    The type of party greatly depends on the type of people that you will be inviting. If the guests are your office people, then it will be more of a formal party. However, if the guests are friends and family, it will be more of an informal party. For a formal party, the theme should be subtle and not too out there. On the other hand, an informal party can have a varied variety of themes.

  4. Discuss The Various Theme Ideas

    Discuss the different types of themes with your close ones and pick out the one that suits you the best. Consider your budget and the guests while selecting the theme. Go on the internet and look at all the options that you have regarding the themes. There are numerous options. Think about the things you like or your friends like. Know what is in trend. Also, make sure you do not come up with the old and monotonous ideas for the party. People tend to get bored with the old styled themes. Additionally, consider the time of the year that you are throwing the party. If there is a festival or a special day coming up in the month or a few days, make it the theme of your party

  5. Decide The Food And Drinks

    Food and drinks are the centers of each and every party and event. Make sure the food you serve is created to suit the theme of the party. Get creative with the menu. Use the cutlery according to the theme. You can also appoint specialty chefs. Ask them to develop simple dishes into something interesting. The presentation is the biggest part of a theme party. Furthermore, do not ignore the drinks. The drinks also need to be in accordance with the theme. For example, if it is a vampire-themed party, serve red wine so that it appears a blood. Have some fun with the food decoration and the cutlery.

  6. Book A Venue

    Book a venue that suits your needs. Host the party at your own house if possible. The advantages of a house party are that you save on the cost of the venue and the extra things. This money can be used for other arrangements. If you have to pick up a venue, go for an indoor venue. The indoor venues are cheaper and are easier to decorate. If your theme requires minimum decoration then going for an outdoor venue is a good option. Make sure there is enough parking space around the venue and the place is easily reachable.

  7. Theme Party Activities and Games

    The life of a theme party is the theme based activities and games. The reason we told you to start planning head is that you have to decide at least two activities or games that go with your theme. Decide the activity and start preparing for it as early as possible. Get the ideas from the people around you or from the internet. Any problem you have regarding the arrangement can be solved on the internet.

  8. The Decorations and Preparations

    Now comes the decorations. Be as creative as possible. Avoid going overboard with the decorations because the party might end up looking like a kid’s fancy dress competition. Be subtle and add big details. If you are low on budget, try out the DIY decoration options.

  9. Send Out Invitations

    If you want to be a little extra, create your invitation cards in accordance to the theme. Send the invites through email or post. If it a small party, email invitations can be a great way to save some money. Do not forget to mention the time, date, venue and the theme on the invitation cards. You can also send animated invitations.

Follow the above steps and you will surely have the best theme party and your friends will love it. Just be as creative and as hospitable as possible. Involve everyone in all the activities and make sure they are having fun. If it is a big formal party, do not forget to thank everyone for attending the party. Make sure you have a team of volunteers that are there to help the people find their way around the place. Keep some first aid and backup plans in case of a mishappening. Furthermore, do not forget to have a lot of fun.


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