Theater-Raising Funds Via Performing Class

Do you have a theater? Do you need money to host your next show? Are you out of ideas and funds? Well, you are not alone. There are many theaters that have faced the same problem and have found out solutions for it in the most creative ways. As a theater artist or an owner, the money for the next show or to pay the actors or to make the arrangements is always a problem. However, if done right, you can easily raise a lot of money for your theater event. Many time when the theater companies apply for loans, there is a lot of pressure to pay that back and they end up working on the things they actually do not want to.

You do not have to be ashamed or hesitant in arranging the money for your shows. You are contributing a very good thing to our society and that is knowledge and entertainment. But yes you do need the money to go on. We have a solution for you.

You do not have to go to the banks or the sponsors to lend you money. You can make the money yourself. As theater artists and theater owners, the one thing you definitely have is actors and performers. Well, there is your idea. Hosting a performing classes fundraiser. There are many common people out there that have a passion for acting or love to act and know more about it. There are people who have not worked at an actual theater but they want to learn how to. These are the people that you can attract through your fundraiser and ask them to help you make some money while you share your wisdom.

If this idea sounds good to you, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning a performance class event at or for your theater.

Plan For The Theater Fundraiser

First thing first is the plan. No fundraiser or an event works without a plan. Picture the even in your head and make a point by point map of all the things. Make sure you do not miss out on the small stuff. Also for a performance class event, you will need a good teacher, who is famous and attracts people. So, start the planning before hand. If your theater has been running for a long time, your cast must me famous. Ask all the members of your cast to participate in the theater event. Also, make a backup plan for the emergencies.


Now the next thing to consider is the type and number of attendees you want to attract. Because this is going to be just one class and you can not build the content that is liked by everyone, make a list of the type of people that will be attending the class. This will also help you in choosing the type of speaker or teachers you want to invite to host the performance class.

Also, make an estimate of the number of people that will be attending the event. This will help you develop the activities and also to choose the perfect venue for hosting the event.

Speakers and Activities

Any theater event and that too a performance class event is a failure without a nice teacher or a speaker. Since this is a class and people will come there with the mindset to learn as much as possible, invite a well-known person as your speaker. If your cast is famous enough to draw the crowd, it is the best option. Ask the members of your cast to participate and this way you can have more than one speakers. The speaker should be famous and experienced because people are attracted towards famous people and they want to know their success mantra. This will help you hold the crowd’s attention and attract the people to your theater event.

Make sure you plan the activities depending on what kind of people will be attending your fundraising event. Since people are putting in their money for it, make sure you make their time worthwhile.

Tickets and Merchandise

Since this is a fundraiser and raising money is your main motive sell as many things as possible. Get merchandises and posters signed by your cast and put them on display in a stall. In addition to this if there is a big celebrity coming to your event as a celebrity, make sure you put an entry ticket for the fundraiser. The ticket price or the money raised by selling merchandise and auctioning old collectibles should enough to cover the cost of the event and also reach the fund goal that you had set. Do not overprice your products because this is a huge turn off for most of the people. Put a lot of thought into fixing the right price for your tickets and signed goods. The more the people buy, the more will be your profit.


The place where the Performance class fundraiser has to be arranged is very important. Since it is a performance class, you will need a big space with good sound system. If your theater is big enough to fit I all the people, host the event there. This will save you a whole lot of money. If the theater is not big enough and you have a bigger crowd, book a venue that has a lot of space. Try to book a closed space venue so that everyone can easily hear what the speaker is telling them. Also, make sure that the venue has all the facilities that you need.


Ironically to make money you will need money. All the arrangements will need some sort of funding. You can arrange the money from the sponsors or donors by sending them proposals. You can also ask for loans and pay them back with the ticket money or the money that you raise. The strategy is to do a lot on a small budget. So, be creative with your approach to everything. Cut costs wherever possible and do not spend unnecessary money on anything. Focus on giving the people a good performance class.  Do not try to go overboard with the decoration.


The last thing is marketing and invitations. For your performance class theater event to be successful, you need students. Where do these students come from? They will be attracted through a well-thought marketing strategy. Market on various platforms and start it as soon as possible. Try email marketing and send reminders to the people who have already bought your tickets. Do not just stick to one mode of marketing. Go for social media and print media in addition to the word of mouth marketing.


With these points in mind, your Performance Class Fundraiser event for your theater is sure to be a huge success.

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