How to Blend Technology into Business Events

Technology has been touching our lives in various forms, from education to health care, from entertainment to food. Every element of the life that we know uses tech. So, how could the event industry remained untouched? With advanced gadgets and connectivity becoming a primary element of a business; a business event should be shaped with and around this tech as well.

Science transforms every moment, and every few days we can hear about something better and advanced developments. Earlier, one would feel that those boxy TV was the epitome of advancement, but then came the LCDs and LEDs. Then we thought, the touch phone with smart features was the limit, but now be have these powerful and amazing smart phones.

There were times when people would turn off their phones at conferences and business events. These are the times when people expect event updates and highlights on their smart phones. We need to transform the business events such that our guests aren’t mere crowd, but active participants of the event. The technology took away your guests, but the same can be used to enhance their interest at a business gathering.

Here are a few ways to integrate tech into a business event and let the magic begin. Altogether these organization tips are worth considering.

Using social media to your advantage.

People have made social media as an integral part of their lives. Be it any kind of event, one can find people sharing their emotions and ideas through the digital platform. Platforms likes Twitter and Facebook can act as powerful tools to gather the experience of the participants. You could use them to enhance participation as well as direct the traffic to the event highlights. Asking your guests for suggestions could help adapt the program in ways the audience prefers.
These platforms could act as a means of communication between the speaker and audience. Special apps which allow text – to – moderator functions could make the presentations valuable and adds to everyone’s comfort.

Adding a personal touch with beacon tech

By using some really cool tech gadgets and big data, you could interact with the guests  through their mobile phones. This could lead to new possibilities. Think about a major business event put together through micro events addressing different elements. This would let people choose their area of interest which means active participation. This could help by saving funds spent to host different events.
The beacon technology is the key to a personalized event. The system detects guests’ mobile phones as well as share relevant information to them. Also, they could push highlights of the events in their vicinity. This serves as an efficient channel for communication coupled with guest-centric services.

Make your events interactive with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has defined a new realm of interactive displays. It has come up as a powerful means to attract viewers. Adding systems based on this concept would not only increase the value of the event but also excite the attendees. Hook up the VR system in a prime location and see people stepping up to interact with it. Try and make it exciting by mixing up the concept into a graphic game or video. In order to make it more fun, you could turn the entire landscape into a game arena. Let the guests visit various sections of the event and collect points or goodies. This would keep them excited and add to event’s success.

augmented reality tech at business conference

Interact with guests through their mobile phones

For a business professional, their mobile phone is a necessary element. An event organizer could connect to the guests through their LinkedIn profiles or other business networking site. Once they are connected, you can get reviews about the event, invite them to poll about presentations and more. You could share some event related applications to do the same.

The mobile phones could be used to share information and updates about the event. The attendees could share their experience as well as give suggestions for improvements. Instead of using a loud PA system, push notifications or mobile update can help you with sharing any info. Instead of paper copies and schedule handouts, phones could be an all-in-one guide through the event. Allow them to register to the event network and the digital platform is available at their service.

Provide RFID tags to guests

RFID tags are a product for the future. Using them for a conference or business meeting could mean a lot of valuable feedback and useful data. These tags could help the planners understand what worked and what attracted a large number of guests. These cards could also allow them to interact with various tools and elements present at the event.

Organizers could involve the guests in various tasks and contests, and these RFID tags could be their boarding pass. These tags could also be used for registrations and special access passes for guests. This would speed up the process and also provide ease to the guests. Apart from that, these tags could be a fantastic way to build relations. For regular attendees and clients of the company, membership cards can provide them with special access and exclusive services.

Web services are a valuable resource

Event planners should plan on providing Internet access to all the guests present for the event. This would allow them to share their experience on social networking platforms and promote the event. You could create a page on Facebook for them to post their experience, define Hashtag for them to publish about the event. This is a powerful means of publicity for you.  Similarly, you could Webcast and live stream the event highlights, allowing distant guests to stay in touch with the conference. Drone is a trendy gadget to use at a high profile event like this. Planners could arrange for means to stream drone camera feed and promote the event on various channels.

In addition to the list, laser projector lighting and graphic presentations are a trendy practice. You could use it.


On a concluding note, technology is a powerful tool awaiting to be exploited. Think out of the box and use it to transform your business event into a fascinating future fair. Amaze your guests and make an impression.

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