3 Tips to Let your Hardcore Music Fans Promote your Music Event on Social Media

There are many passionate fans that are willing to follow their idols anywhere they go. Music fans that love a certain band or musician will be willing to attend any event held by that band or musician. Not only that, they will also spread the word about the event like crazy in social media. What’s good for your business is that these hardcore fans can help you to spread the word about your upcoming music event without much effort. Here are 3 tips to let your hardcore music fans promote your music event on social media:

1. Target Your Promotion In The Right Social Media Channels

There are a lot of social media platforms that people are using today, and music fans don’t use all of them. Typically, music fans will prefer to use Facebook and Instagram to share photos and post about their favorite music events. So, if you want to reach these hardcore fans, it is better for you to focus your promotion on the platforms that they use the most, which are Facebook and Instagram. This way, you minimize the cost of promotion while maximizing your results.

2. Make Sure That Your Venue Is Listed In Social Media

The next step is to make sure that your venue is listed as an interesting or popular place in social media. This is because your attendees will likely allow their friends to know that they’ve checked in to your venue once they attend the music event. So, be sure to list your venue in social media a few weeks or months before the event itself. It is important to do, especially if you will hold the upcoming event in a new venue or location.

3. Mention Influential Music Fans In Your Music Event Promotion

When promoting your upcoming music event in social media, be sure to mention some influential music fans in your promotion. Once these hardcore music fans notice about you mentioning them in your music event promotion, they will go crazy to re-post your promotion in their social media page. And of course, they will tell their friends and followers about your upcoming event. So, this strategy can actually allow you to reach more potential attendees for your next music event. Just be sure to keep promoting your event on social media until the event day.

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