Sell Out Your Walk or Run Event by these 5 Ways

There are people who are definitely fitness enthusiasts. It is easier for any event organizer to attract these people to a walk or run event. In any locality, fitness freaks will be the first ones to register for such an event. Your target is not only the people who go for gym or jogging but you will need more and more people for an event. You will find some seasonal fitness enthusiasts in any gym or jogging area. These are the people who loose motivation too easily and get back to normal life leaving the fitness routine behind. Getting them to a walk or run event is a tougher job but not impossible; any event organizer can do this using some small tricks. In this article, we are going to talk about ways that can help to make your event a special one that people will love to attend. The following tips will definitely help to get more participants.

Take help of social media:

We all know what social media can do. With a few hours anything can go viral on social media. Any news reaches people faster through social media than any other medium. Taking help of this will definitely help you to achieve what you want. It is never late to advertise your walk or run event. In fact in cases of such events, there are quite a lot of people who take decision at the last moment. So, you have to keep on posting about your event even until the weekend just before the event.

Let people know that there are still places for them to register and also lure them by saying that these places will not be there for long. There are different ways to do so. Take help of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and the news of your event will reach people much easily. When it nears the closure of ticket selling, post it on apps to keep people updated. Instagram stories and Facebook stories can help in this matter. Use boomerang of Instagram and make a small video where some members of your team jumps in with placards telling that tickets are being sold out and how fewer places are vacant. This will be both eyes catchy and alluring. You can post similar videos and photos on the app.

Your Facebook post can be more detailed. Add a few lines telling that tickets selling will be closed soon having only a few places vacant. Post a picture of your team in full action to prepare for the event. You can do similar things with Twitter and you will find how effective it is. People who did not register will definitely be feel the fear of missing out and you will get the desired response.

walk or run event

An unusual setting:

When you organize a walk or run event in a well-known city, it is not difficult to get participants. People know well about these cities and they know what to expect. If you choose a down-town area, which is not that much known to people, you will have to work a little hard. In such cases, people fail to make assumptions about the place and what they will get. For locals, it may be a known place, but outsiders will definitely face these problems. In this case, you will have to advertise the town or place itself along with your event. You have to mention for the prospective participants what to expect.

Always mention the route of the walk or run event. Tell people what they will get to see en route. Choose the route wisely and change it to make it a more attractive one. Bring out interesting facts to make people want to see this place. You can take help of local business to help you in this matter. When you build up a partnership with such businesses, they will happily promote your event if they get their business advertised in your event. They will do so for business purposes. Choosing an unusual setting can be the special attraction of your event and it can do well if you can make good use of the place.

Local gym:

These places are full of fitness enthusiasts and you will definitely get loads of participants from such places. Get them involved in your cause. They can give discount offers on membership to participants. You can get their team at your walk or run event providing participants with merchandise. You just have to advertise their gym along with your event. In return, they will propagate your event through their social media pages and it will be easier to reach and attract people.

Local artists:

You can definitely gat different artists involved in such an event. While you can get some singer perform at a resting spot on the route of the run, you can also let a painter auction his or her paints. As they get involved with your event, they will also attract their fan base to the event helping it to get participants. On the other hand getting involved with your event will help them to reach a larger fan base through the event.


These are also very helpful in selling out your tickets. Any event will definitely need a food partner that serves the participant. Get into a partnership with a local restaurant. Arrange stalls for their team to serve food and drinks to the participants at rest spots at your walk or run event. A restaurant will definitely flaunt when they get involved with such an event. This will bring your event before the eyes of the people who are loyal customer of the restaurant. While their business will find a cause to do this, you will get participants to sell the tickets to. With these small but effective tips any event will be sold out.

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