How to Select a Family Reunion Venue

Deciding a venue for a family reunion is a tough job because the mind set of each and every member different from each other. Some will like one place while other may dislike it. As it is a family reunion therefore everyone’s opinion is most important. All are going to travel from different places and meet at the reunion. How much you are going to spend for the whole event, calculate an budget of it. The budget will include the travelling charges, hotel cost, local attractions, food expenditure and all other small basic things.

1) Calculating per head expenditure for the family reunion:

By calculating the per head expenditure we will come up with a proper budget that will cost everyone. This will also help to find out the location that will suit everyone’s budget and needs. Out the family member choose one who is ready this responsibility of planning and calculating the budget of the whole family reunion. They will also collect the money from all the rest of the family members. The total costing will include the lodging, venue rental, food, transportation, site seeing and all other  means of transportation.

2) Including food cost :

Without fest or food all party, events and family reunions are incomplete. Are you going to cook of your own, or order or booking catering or go out to restaurant to eat. It depends upon the you but most important is that you have take into account the cost of food. So according to that choose a location or venue where food will be less expensive and delicious food will available.

3)  Including transportation cost :

It is not necessary that all the family members might near to each other or near to the location. Some will come from far place to attend the family reunion. And also it is very necessary to know their budget and financial situation. According to that if the whole cost will be divided among the family members than it will best idea. But first ask them how much they are going to spend on the event including their personal transportation cost. After that plan according to that and divide equally among all.

4) Including the lodging cost :

Some will prefer staying in the near by relative’s house while others will prefer staying at hotels or motels or resorts. By taking all this into consideration choose a location according to it for the reunion. But in case you are looking for a cheaper option, than local campground is the best idea. Which will excellent for children’s providing activities like fishing, boating, pool and other.

5) Including the entertainment cost :

Ones you go to any place so it is obvious that you will go to near by attractions or site visit. So don’t forget to add this cost also in the budget account. You can take games or activities by your own. Or even take part in the near attractions like horse riding,  boating, fishing, swimming and many other.

6) Get opinion from all related to location :

Ask each and every family member their opinion related to the location they want to visit. As there are different aged group peoples in the family so surly the opinion is going to differ from each other. Consider everyone’s suggested location at least ones so that there will no conflict later on.

7) Checking the amenities :

Ones the names of the locations are shortlisted, visit the website of all the hotels. And check all the amenities and facilities provided by them. Accessible restrooms, kitchen, ramps and wheel chair accessible bathrooms some of the important facilities need to be provided. And also esquire if alcohol is allowed to take or not, in case you are interested in taking.

8) Check the travelogues :

Go through the travelogues of the shortlisted hotels. Check what are the interested things provided by them for all aged group people’s. If in case your booking a hotels which is not offering any attractions, than you yourself come up with the games or activities to keep everyone entertained through the free time.

9) Family vote to choose the venue:

Send the shortlisted hotels names to every family member through mails or messages or social networking sites. Tell them to select one of them according to their comfort and choice. In this process many of the hotels will be eliminated first and from left ones. The majority vote hotel will finalized.

10) Booking venue earlier :

The shortlisted or finalized hotel should book early as soon as possible. Specially during summer and holiday time, it becomes impossible to get hotels so early booking is very necessary in order to avoid it getting away from your hand. You can do early booking by call or through online by going to their website. Query about the cancellation and security deposit fee, so that you have all the information know from before.

11) Ask about the offers or discounts :

Before booking try to know if they are offering an discounts. If yes than try to know about it in detail. What is the offer ? how discount you will get ? You can try to find out about it directly from the hotels or from any local friend or relative of that place. If you are getting any help or ideas from them than surly take it and don’t try to avoid or ignore. Nothing bad in it if you accept it.

Ones you are done with choosing your location and booking it. After that according to the decided date book your tickets how you want to travel by bus or flight or train. Because in this case also early book is must or else you will not the availability. Meet with your family members on the selected date near the venue. Have good time with all your family members as you get to meet with them very rarely. This is the one of the chance out of it. Enjoy the place, visit the near by views or attractions, eat the special food of that place. It is going to one of the best family reunion and will remembered by all. Memorable time of all the family members gathered at the reunion.


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