Screening Event Plan- Art Film

Screening is a big step in the making and presenting a film. A film screening is a special show of the movie that is usually arranged for some of the important people in the industry. This helps the makers realise how their film will do in the theatres. Also, it also is a great way of publicity for the movie. There are many types of art film screenings such as critic screening, VIP screening and much more. The screening is not only a great way of publicity but also a great way to meet new people and build contacts.

If you have made an art film, it is sure to have taken a lot of effort from your side. Making an art film is not an easy job. It is very important to have an art film screening in order to make the film more popular. The more celebrities attend your show, the more publicity sky rockets. There are not any definite ways in which you can have an art film screening.

With so many art films and commercial films coming out these days, there is always a competition among the PR team and the producers to make your art film event successful. The after parties make a film even more successful.

If you are planning to organise an art film screening for your movie, you must be on a constricted budget. Also, you would need to organise an after party for the VIP guests that come to watch your film. Organising an art film screening is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and commitment. So, if this is your first time organising an art film screening and you have no idea how to go about it, we would be glad to help. All you need to do is follow the steps below and have yourself an amazing and successful event.


Make A Brilliant Art Film

The first thing to do is make an amazing art film. This is an obvious but the most important thing to do. Put in a lot of effort in the film and people will automatically appreciate it. Sure publicity plays a major role in making it famous, but the real success comes when people like it for themselves. Get your film entirely ready and then only plan on a screening.

Decide a Date and Time For The Screening

Once the film is complete. It’s time to show people and see their reactions. Make a team of people to plan and execute your art film screening. Decide a perfect date for your screening. You can make it into a big event or a small screening depending on your preferences. Make sure the screening is at a time when people can easily attend it and it gets the maximum publicity from the press.

Decide the List Of People To Invite

Your invitation list should comprise of all the important people including directors, producers, technicians and actors. Make a proper list of the number of people that will be invited to the screening because this will help you in setting up many different things. Make sure to put the names of some ace reporters on your list/ also, it is really important to invite the celebrities that can help you make the art film screening even more famous.

Pick Up A Location

The next thing to do is to pick up a location. The location of the theatre you will be organising the screening should be easily accessible. It should be big enough to fit all the guests and let them have a good time. Also, you could arrange a screening technically anywhere. Do not forget to be creative and use all the latest technology to your use. Check out all the sound systems and amenities in the location before booking it. Make sure there is enough space outside the venue for the people to enter and for them to get out of their vehicles.

Send Out Invitations

After the venue and date are fixed, it is time to create the invitations. There are two ways in which you can send out invitations to the guests. Either you can send them email invites or you can send them personalised card invites.make sure to go and call each important person while inviting them to attend your screening event. Make sure to put the date, time and venue clearly on the invitations.


After the invitations are sent, start publicising the event on social media. Get the word out to the media that some famous celebrities will be attending the show and that will automatically get you some free publicity. Also, host an event at the beginning of the show where you can talk about the film and its features to the press people. Make sure you use social media to your biggest advantage.

The Screening

On the day of the screening, reach the venue at least 2 hours early to check on all the arrangements. Make sure no stone is left unturned. A soon as the guest start arriving, greet them with warm smiles and ask your team to be humble and polite to each and every guest. 

The After Party

After the screening, there has to be a party. Here you will meet new people and some of the old ones. This is your chance to build contact and ask the people about your movie. Make sure to make the most out of it.


After the event is complete, do not forget to take feed backs from the attendees. You will get the gist of how your art film has impacted the people from the way they react to it. If they do not like it, take pointers and try and make the next movie a better one. There will come many chances. If they like it, be humble and thank them for attending the event. The best way to make contacts is to be friendly. Just follow the above steps and have your art film screening loved by everyone.

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