Tips for Saving Money on a Night Out

Partying in the nights after college is the best part of the university life. We could also say that partying, in general, is an enjoyable experience for everyone. But if it is the end of the month and you have spent all your savings or your salary and now do not have any money to spend at expensive bars and clubs. Partying is just an unavoidable part of anybody’s life. But with a pocket that has no money, it becomes really hard. Hence you need to save some money whilst having a lot of fun.

There are ways in which you can save some money on your next night out with your pals. All you need to do is apply these small tips and tricks and you can save a lot of money. Additionally, this can be better than spending a lot of money and you might have some different and better experiences along the way. To read more about the ways in which you can save money on a night out, keep reading.

  1. Eat Before You Leave To Save Money

    Most of the money on a night out is spent on the food and the drinks. So, make sure you eat a meal before leaving your place so that you are not hungry at the party destination. This will save you from ordering a lot of food and hence save your money. Just make sure you eat some kind of carbs before leaving. Also, there is a huge possibility that you might get hungry after the party. Make some after drinks meal beforehand and keep it at your house. Eat them instead of eating out at the outlets opened in the night.

  2. Have Some Drinks Before Leaving

    This is a very common trick that every person uses to save money. Let’s face it, the drinks at the bar are way more costly than a bottle of alcohol would be. Hence it is better to have a few drinks before leaving for the club. You can have your friends over and sit for a round or two of drinks with the food you have cooked for yourself. This will save you from spending a lot of money on the alcohol at the clubs and also you will stay in a good mood all throughout.

  3. Set Yourself A Budget To Save Money

    When you are short of money, setting a budget is the best thing to do. Make sure you have a set budget for yourself and ask your friends to stop you if you start spending more than it. It is better to carry only the amount of money that you will be spending at the club. If you do not have the money, there is no chance that you will spend it. Also, opt for places that have other activities apart from just food and drinks to keep you busy and entertained.

  4. Pay Using Cash

    When you pay with your card, there is a huge possibility that you lose track of your spendings. Also after a few drinks, money kind of becomes irrelevant and you tend to spend more than decided. Hence, carry cash instead of a card. Pay for the drinks and tip with cash. As mentioned above, carry only the amount of money that you can afford to spend. Also, make sure that your budget is aligned with your friends budget.

  5. Get To The Club Early

    Another trick to save some money is to get to the club or the bar early. These places usually let the early comers in for free or for a discounted rate of the entry fee. The entry rates usually increase as the night passes and that might burn a huge hole in your pocket. So start the night early and reach the club as early as possible. There is an added advantage to reaching early than just saving money. The advantage is that you will eventually avoid ques and long waiting hours for an entry into the club. Sounds like a good idea.

  6. Offers Can Be Life Savers

    Every club or bar is on social media and they post offers constantly. Look out for these offers. The offers like happy hours or special ladies nights can be a huge profit for you and your friends. On a ladies night, go with your lady friends and they can easily get you free drinks at the bar all night long. However, there is also a time restriction on the free drinks. Hence make sure you reach there on time and enjoy free drinks with all your friends. Happy hours can also be a great way to save some money where the clubs and bars give discounts on food items and drinks.

  7. Have A House Party

    If you just can not afford to go out, have a house party instead. Call your friends over and pool in the money to buy food and drinks. You can also cook at your own house and have much more fun than you might have at a club. Having a house party is a very good option when you are broke and are looking to save some money.

  8. Do Free Stuff Around The Town

    Instead of going to the clubs, you could also do other things. These things may involve going on a small trip or a ride, going to the beach on the night, going to an arcade and much more. Think of all the things you and your friends like to do and make a plan accordingly. This can be a fun way to bring variation to your daily party routine and you might have some really great experiences.

  9. Plan The Party Mid Week

    The clubs and bars are usually crowded during the weekends. This is the reason that the price of everything is hiked on these days. If you are in college, waiting for the weekend to the party is not that important. So, plan your party mid week to save a lot of money on drinks and food. You might also find some really nice offers during these days.

  10. Buy Beer Or Cheaper Drinks

    While at a club try to order the cheaper drinks than the costlier ones. Try buying beer instead of shots. Also, but a pitcher of beer at once rather than buying bottle by bottle or mug by the mug. This will save you from tipping the bar tender again and again. Also, the bottles cost more than the pitcher. Do not do a round of shots if you can not afford it.

These are some of the tips that can help you save some money the next time you head out to party with your friends. Some of these can be used all the times to stop you from unnecessarily spending a lot of money.

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