5 Essential Steps to Make a Retail Sales Event Successful

If you have a retail store or a chain of retail stores, there is a huge possibility that you need publicity for them. The reason for publicity is usually to increase the sales and the brand value of your store. The best way to do this is by hosting a retail sales event. A retail sales event is a small or big event that usually takes place in the retail store and involves various activities and some great discounts and offers for the customers. These kinds of the event become really necessary since there is a huge competition in the market. Not only are the land based stores pose a huge competition but the online shopping stores have also taken away a huge chunk of business from the normal retailers.

The retail sales event has to beat all these competitions and give your customers the best shopping experience of their lives. If done right, they can easily attract a lot of new customers to your shopping site. So, if you plan on hosting a retail sales event and do not know how to go about it. You do not have to worry, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind while hosting a retail sales event:


Type of Retail Sales Event

The type of event matters a lot and to decide what type of event you should host have a look at your customers. What is the type of customers? What are the activities they enjoy? After answering these questions, narrow down your options for the retail event types. Also, consider the previous retail events that your company has organized and the type that had been successful and the ones that did not work that well. If this is your first time hosting an event, consider it as a trial and put your best in it. Secondly, check out what the other people or your competitors are up to. This is helpful in knowing the event trends that are famous in the market. Try to know the reason for their success and how they managed to please their crowd.

Another major factor that matters in the type of event is the time and season. Do not choose a date that is too close to the vacations or the holidays or at a time of the year when people are usually not present in the area around you. Again, think about the audience you cater to. See when they are available and plan your date accordingly.


Now, after deciding the type of event, it is the time to make a fool proof plan for the event. Start making the plan way ahead of time. Which means make the plan and start executing it at least a couple of months before the actual date of the event and if possible even before that. Planning involves a lot of things like booking the services, budgeting setting the date, making arrangements for the theme, marketing and sending out invitations. The more you are prepared, the better the event will turn out to be.

Break the plan into smaller pieces and make a to-do list for every piece. If possible appoint a different team for each part of the plan so that you have all the things taken care of. The lesser the work one person has, the more effectively will they be able to do it.


Like your event plan, make the budget plan also way ahead of time. In fact knowing the budget way before planning the activities and type of event is advised. All these activities directly depend on how much budget you have available for your retail sales event. Set aside an emergency budget and do not touch it no matter how much you need it. Then allow a separate budget to each and every portion of the plan.

Try and cut out useless costs as much as possible and also try and fit the most into a smaller budget. Keep in mind that cutting cost does not mean that you need to compromise with the quality of the things.


Marketing will be the main pointer in making your event a success and a failure. So, while marketing target a larger audience. For this use multiple marketing sources and platforms. The biggest and the best way to market your event is on social media. Social media has become widely popular and everyone seems to be on it. But do not forget that the social media is the thing of the present and some people might not be a part of it. So, including print media and television as a source of marketing as well.

Another good way to market your retail sales event is by email marketing. Send out newsletters and free coupons through the mail to your trusted customers and the potential customers to get them interested. But do not just be limited to the virtual world. Send out a postcard and handwritten or typed invites to the special guests. This will make them feel special and will also get them serious about your retail sales event. Put out banners and hand out flyers to the people that pass the store.


During The Retail Sales Event

All the planning is out to test during the event. Hence, make the best impressions on the attendees. For this, you can follow a few tips like:

  • Music- Play some light and soothing music all throughout the event duration. Make sure that it is not too loud and pleasant to the ears. Everyone loves music and it helps set the mood right.
  • Food and Drinks– Consider serving some snacks and drinks to the attendees if the event is an exclusive one. Try to put out attractive foods and drinks. If the event involves all the adults, consider serving alcoholic beverages like champagne or wine. This will help the people relax and enjoy the overall experience even better.
  • Free Things- Who hates free gifts? Nobody! Try giving out free gift vouchers or goody bags to the customers or the shoppers who have shopped a considerable amount from your store. Try and make the free gifts as attractive as possible. This can also be used as a marketing technique to attract more individuals to your event.
  • Pictures- Make a photo clicking area or a booth with creative ideas and ask the attendees to click pictures near them. Share these pictures over social media for the world to have a glimpse of your event.


With these small things in mind, you are sure to have a successful retail sales event at your store.


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