10 Reasons why your Audience Ignore your Event Promotion and what to Do with It

As an event organizer, the challenge in promoting your events lies in the way your audience reacts to your promotion. If they are positive about your event promotion, then you can be sure that your event will be a success, since many people will decide to attend and buy the tickets for it. In many case, many audience ignore the negative promotions.

However, when your audience ignore your event promotion, then it might be a sign that your event will get a failure, and only a few people will decide to attend your event.

Don’t worry. There are certain reasons why your audience chooses to skip or ignore your event promotion. It is almost guaranteed that you will turn your not-so-successful event promotion into a successful one.

Here are 10 reasons why your audience ignore your event promotion and what to do with it:

1. You are promoting at the wrong time.

Promoting your event at the right time will make the best impact. If you promote your event at the wrong time, then people will tend to ignore your event promotion. This is because they cannot prepare for the event, or it is still too early for them to book for a ticket.

Solution: Time your promotion properly if you want to get the best response in your marketing campaign.

2. You are promoting to the wrong audience.

It’s the same as promoting your event at the wrong time. When you promote your event to the wrong audience, don’t expect them to respond well to your promotion. For instance, promoting a rock music event to pop music lover, or promoting a jazz event to rock music fans.

Solution: It is very important for you to research your audience first before starting the marketing campaign for your event. This is the important reason why you get Audience Ignore.

3. Your event promotion is not too interesting and make Your Audience Ignore it.

The essence of marketing is to attract people’s interest toward your product or service. So, if you can’t make your event promotion interesting, then don’t blame the audience for not responding to your promotion. Using a boring design in your ads might be the reason behind your promotional flop.

Solution: So, it’s imperative that you are making your promotion as interesting as possible, matching it with your target audience.

4. The ticket price is too expensive.

For instance, you are about to hold a rock music event next month, and your competitor is about to hold a jazz music event at the same time. But, your ticket price is twice more expensive than for the jazz music event. Considering that you are not providing any added value in your event, people will tend to go to the jazz music event since they can get the best value for their money.

Solution: If you price your ticket too expensive, even the biggest music fans will think twice before they decide to attend your event.

5. Your event promotion is too repetitive.

The biggest mistake that you can make in your event promotion is having lack of variety in your promotion. Think about it like this. If you use the same ad template for all of your promotions across various platforms, people will tend to get tired of your promotion. When it is the case, they will ignore your marketing campaign and put a bad reputation for your brand.

Solution: So, try to have some variations in your promotion. Promote your event differently in different platforms and try to be creative in writing your promotional.

6. You are promoting your event using the wrong channels.

You want people to notice that there is an event to be held in the next few weeks, but you are promoting it using bad promotional methods. For instance, don’t expect people to respond well to your event if you are promoting it by sending spam emails, using pop-up advertisements in illegal websites, or writing spam comments on various blogs and social media discussions.

Solution: You have to use the right channels for your marketing campaign.

7. You don’t send the message across.

When promoting your event, it is important for you to write and communicate your marketing message clearly. It is very important because an ambiguous marketing message will make your audience get confused.

Solution: You have to ensure that your marketing message is clear and easy to understand for your audience.

8. You don’t connect with your audience.

You want your audience to attend your event, but you don’t connect properly with them in your event promotion. You never respond to your audience or you keep ignoring them in your social media communications. You have to ensure that you are communicating with your audience properly, since communication is a part of your marketing campaign.

Solution: If you want them to respond to your marketing messages, you have to be responsive to them as well.

9. Your audience doesn’t know your event organizer brand.

Usually, people will ignore your event promotion because they don’t know you as an event organizer. Perhaps, there are other popular event organizers running a similar promotion as you. Then, your audience chooses to respond to their promotion instead. This is because they feel more familiar with those brands.

Solution: The only way you can fix this is to build your brand reputation gradually, so that more and more people know and trust your brand.

10. It is too much hassle to purchase a ticket for your event.

You’ll end up being ignored by the audience, if you make it difficult for your audience to purchase the ticket. You know, perhaps there are many people who are interested to attend your event, but you make it difficult for them to do it.

Solution: It is very important for you to use a system that allows your audience to purchase your ticket on the spot once they see your ads on line. You need to also ensure that the purchasing process as smooth.

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