How to Reach Hardcore Music Fans in your Music Event Marketing

Among your music event attendees, there are people who have attended various music events throughout the year. These are hardcore music fans that will not miss any opportunity to attend good music festivals around them. They will even spend a lot of money to attend music events in other countries or states. These are the people that you should reach in your music event marketing. Why? That’s because these hardcore music fans are your valuable assets, and they can also help you to market your music events in the future.

Here are some tips to reach hardcore music fans in your music event marketing:

1. Promote Your Music Event Earlier In The Other States

Before promoting your music event in the area where the event will be located, it is better to promote the event earlier in surrounding locations, such as neighboring states or countries. This will help you to attract the interest of hardcore music lovers to schedule their attendance for your next event. Since these music fans will be willing to attend any good music event anywhere, it is good for you to provide them some time to schedule their attendance.

2. Ask The Musicians To Spread The Word About The Event

Remember that hardcore music fans will always follow the artists or musicians that they like on social media. So, make sure that you ask the musicians to ceaselessly promote their next event to their fans. In this way, you can attract the hardcore music fans more easily. Ask the artists or musicians to not only promote their event in your event page, but also in their own social media pages as well.

3. Record The Music Event To Attract More Attendees Next Time

Always document your music event properly so that fans that don’t have the opportunity to attend the event can feel the excitement of your music event. By recording the music event and offering the people who don’t attend the event to watch the recording of the event, many music fans will be willing to attend the next music event that you hold. Some fans might even be willing to pay just to see the recording of past events that you hold in your venue.

4. Use Ticketing Partners To Spread Your Promotion

Most online ticketing systems are integrated with each other nowadays, so it is recommended for you to partner up with other ticketing service providers to spread your promotion. In this way, you can sell more tickets and reach more hardcore fans by providing them an easier method to book for your event. You can also give discounts and special offers to hardcore fans that are willing to reserve VIP seats earlier.

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