image Tips and Tricks for Promoting Social Events

Planning an event is a huge task at hand. One of the most important parts of planning any type of event is the promotion. No matter how nicely the preparation for the event has been done, if it does not attract the proper type and number of crowd, its effort went waste. If you are planning a social event and are confused about the promotion and publicity of it, here are a few tips that can help you make your event a success.

Target the appropriate crowd

The very first thing that any social event require is a crowd. Now, getting a crowd does not necessarily mean that these are the kind of people that will actually be interested in the services that are being promoted. There are some social events that require random crowds but most of them target a section of the society more than the other. So, it is very important to plan out your promotional strategies as such that the particular section of the society, be it the youth or the elderly or the working class etc gets information about it easily.  

Start Early

Now since you need to do plan the promotional strategies for your social event and also implement them, starting early is very important. Making other arrangements and promoting the event should go hand in hand. Set up a team to take care of all the planning and promoting.

Create your social event page

Since the internet is everywhere in today’s time, creating an event page is one of the most important things. It is important to make sure that your website gives all the information regarding the event and has a proper theme that accurately matches the purpose of the event. Most people use the internet today and your website is the first impression they will get of what the event is going to be like.

It is also a plus if you design a logo for your event. The logo can help you spread the word much more easily than the whole name would. Make sure that the logo is catchy and goes with the theme of the social event.

Never Ignore The Social Media

As already said, the internet is everywhere these days and so is social media. The biggest and the cheapest marketing strategy these days is the social networking sites. Every person of every generation uses one or other forms of social networking sites. The first thing to do is to create a page for your event on all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Next step is to put all the details on the page including the related pictures and videos. Tell your friends and your team to share the page on their respective social media accounts. Do not forget to link the website on the page.

Another brilliant strategy is to come up with a quirky hashtag for your social event. ‘#’ or the hashtag symbol is used to mark the important keywords on the different social media sites. So, anyone that is interested in the topic can use the hashtag with their post. This is very famous on the Twitter and Instagram.

Blog and Email

Blogging and Vlogging are two of the trends that are getting a lot of attention these days. Creating an interesting blog is an amazing publicity trick. The most important thing is to keep the content of the accounts interesting and keep updating regularly so that it keeps on popping up on the feeds of your followers.

Another way to make people aware of your event is to send in regular emails. Collect a database of the people subscribed to the event page or who might be interested in it. Send them notifications regarding it every week or ten days. You can also design a newsletter and send it to them every week that can have various deals and coupons etc to attract them.

Bring In Familiar Faces

Another great way to promote your social event is to bring in familiar faces. They can be anything from actors to ministers to sports personalities. It is even better if the celebrities have some connection to the event. You can also invite these celebrities as special guests to your events or to speak and perform at your event. This will direct their fan base, no matter how big or small to check out what their favorite celebrity is talking about. This will directly get you a lot of attention. Secondly, the celebrities no matter how famous are the ones who get the biggest media coverage. So, if a celebrity talks about your event, it is obvious that the media to notice it, increasing your publicity.

Tying up with famous brands can also get you a lot of publicity. So, try and get the famous brands that the people you are targeting would usually consume. Get them to either sponsor you or partner with you. This can be a two-way street, their name will publicize your event and in turn your event will be a nice platform for them to publicize their products.

The Print and Television Media

Print and television media are another amazing way to reach to the crowd. Most of the homes have at least one newspaper subscription and read it regularly. So, putting up an advertisement with the details of your social event can greatly popularize it. This can help you reach the people that do not have the access to the internet. If possible keep repeating your advertisement once in a week so that the people do not miss it.

If you have a good budget for the promotion, then television advertisements can also be a good source of promotion. Creating a catchy and unique advertisement that attracts the people to come to the event is important.

With these tips and tricks, you can easily get a lot of publicity for your social event. Also, the biggest tip to promote any kind of event is to be unique and to stand out.

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