How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Event

The wedding is the perfect way for the families to come together in harmony and witness their children and relative start the new chapter in their lives. Weddings are a huge celebration all over the world. In every community, a marriage plays a really special role in the lives of the society and is considered a very important part of life. All the family members come together no matter what for the wedding ceremonies.

With the change in time and the growth of technology, the weddings have changed. Traditional marriages have been left behind and new age weddings with everything on point are being organized to make the experience once in a lifetime for the bride and the groom and their families. Everything about the party and the ceremony should be perfect. It is fascinating to know that each and every culture has their own kind of ceremonies for marriage.

Every person has their own choices when it comes to planning a wedding. Some want a small wedding and some want it to be a grand occasion. A wedding planner’s job is to make sure all the demands are met as per the customer’s choice. Wedding planning has become one of the biggest industry in the whole world. Almost all the people in the world get married at least once in their lives and they want this occasion to be perfect. Weddings are also the times when people spend leniently. So the wedding planning industry is also the highest earning industry all over the world.

Now if you are a new wedding planner or just some new bride or groom to be who are looking to plan a wedding and has no idea where to start, we give you a checklist of some things that you need to consider while planning your perfect wedding. Read below:


  • A Budget For The Perfect Wedding

The first thing to consider is the budget for the wedding. If you are a couple who is deciding to get married, ask each other about how much money do you really want to spend on the wedding and how much can you afford. Do not set unrealistic expectations regarding money. If you are a wedding planner, ask the customers about their budget and how much they would like to spend where in order to know exactly what they want from their perfect wedding plan.

  • Create A Plan and a Timeline

Sit down with your partner and discuss the ideas. Do not make any decision without consulting your partner and the family members. As a wedding planner, it is your job to let your customers know the best options. Even though you might not have decided the date yet, it is better to at least know the month or the season when you might possibly get married. This will be really helpful in deciding a lot of things. Also knowing the size of the wedding and the type of wedding is also helpful.

  • Get A Planner

A planner is extremely necessary for a wedding planning. By a planner, we mean that you can either higher a person to take care of all the arrangements or you could just download an app or buy a diary to keep all your things on track. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while planning a wedding.  It is great to keep a checklist ready with you. 


  • Pick A Date

Picking a date is a really tough thing to do and needs a lot of planning. You might want to ask your family and friends about the date that would suit them. The date should be in sync with your own schedule since there is a huge possibility that you might go on a honeymoon after the wedding and you might need to take some time off from work. Make sure the date is according to the type of wedding you want and you have enough time to prepare for everything.

  • Select The Venue

The venue is one of the most important things to pick for a perfect wedding. Make sure the venue is spacious enough for the ceremony and the after party. If both the ceremony and the after party are on different days, you could select two different venues also. Additionally, see that the venue fits your budget. Select the outdoor or the indoor venue depending on the weather and type of ceremony.


  • List The Guests


Make an exact list of the people that you want to invite to your wedding event to make it even more perfect. Everyone has their own preferences. Your wedding can just be a small one with only the closest of friends and relatives or you could invite a huge number of people. Just make sure the venue is large enough for all your guest and you have enough budget to pay for their catering.


  • The Vendors and Arrangements


Every wedding needs some arrangements like the decoration, photographer, caterer, musicians and much more. Go test out all the services before actually booking them. Do let the caterers know about any special food preferences before actually booking them. Make sure you provide the musician with playlist and ask them to stick to it strictly. Go to the flower and decor vendors and select the kind of things you would want for your perfect wedding.


  • The Perfect Wedding Dresses


Start shopping for your wedding early. Buy the clothes at least two months before the wedding or just start looking for the wedding dress. The men’s shopping for a wedding does not take a lot of time but a woman’s wedding dress needs a lot of time to be put together. 

  • The Invitations


Print out and send the invitation cards at least a month before the ceremony. Call up every close relative and friend to invite them personally. Do not forget to mention the venue date and the theme for your wedding. You can also send a box of sweets or chocolates with the invitation.


  • On The Day Of The Wedding


On the day of the wedding make sure all the arrangements are on point. Check with the caterers and the vendors early in the morning. Remind them of all the special arrangements that you have requested to make your wedding perfect. Furthermore just enjoy the experience and make the most of it.


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