Musical Concert Steps to an Amazing Outdoor Event

Hosting an outdoor musical concert isn’t just about a few artists performing for a crowd and music; it involves a lot of preparation and planning. When you plan to organize an outing event, prepare yourselves to deal with a new set of work conditions.

The success of a concert depends on the crowd, their enthusiasm and a positive response. When you plan for something large scale, the responsibilities grow manifold. Here are a few simple tips for a successful musical bonanza.

1. Location is a foremost concern

The event location is one of the major factors, as most of the planning revolves around the location selection. Thus, the success of your event depends heavily on the location. No one would prefer to travel across town in a remote area for a musical fest. The location should be easily accessible, spacious enough to accommodate the crowd and in a decent terrain. If possible look for a location that is can enhance the musical experience of the enthusiasts. Try and place your event at a place which is frequently visited or a prime travel destination to improve your odds and reach out to a larger audience.

2. Strategic scheduling of the musical concert

A perfect time to host an outdoor event is during holidays or on the weekends, as it might coincide with their schedule and the chances for a larger turnout improve manifold. Also, an event in the day time is more likely to attract audience as compared to other timing. However, if you plan to hold it in the evening; pick a weekend.

3. Preparing for the weather

You never know when nature changes it mood and spoil you event. It is better to be prepared for the worse. Make necessary arrangements to protect the equipment. If you are holding the event in a wide space with no shelter, you might have to plan for that too. Check on the weather forecast to be well prepared. For the summers, arrangement for shade and drinking water should keep your guests comfortable. Cover your basis and embrace what nature has in store for you.

4. Don’t forget the power

Power is the main ingredient for a musical event. It is important to plan and analyze what is that you require. For a concert in a public area, getting the power supply won’t be a problem, when it comes to an outside destination you need to pick a generator that could work smoothly throughout the event. Everyone’s got their own setup and their own equipment, play with the numbers and come up with the figure. You wouldn’t want to kill the enthusiasm with a black out.

5. Music should reach far and wide

The equipment is an essential element for a musical gig. When planning on your musical concert venue and technical details, it is your responsibility to ensure that music reaches the audience. Your equipment should be strategically placed and should be well tuned for the crowd. While you are performing in a public place or in an open space, external factors may interfere with your music; thus the indoor system isn’t enough.

6. Advertise your musical concert

The success of an event depends highly on marketing and advertisement. Spread the word and see the crowd flood the concert. There are many ways to advertise your concert – laminated posters, flyers, Social marketing on Facebook and Twitter, Pay per click ads and concern merchandise. Plan on your budget and market yourself as much as you can. You could put out posters at popular public spots and cafes and schools, invest smart with digital marketing, distribute t-shirt and other merchandise to spread the word. Also you could introduce attractive offers to generate interest.

7. Find valuable sponsors for your event

Organizing an event single-handedly can be a tough gamble and this can increase the risks of mishaps exponentially. The sponsors could support the finances while your event acts as a means to market their products. Getting help from sponsors and utilizing their resources for promotions and funding can be a smart move. One can distribute sponsored merchandise or advertise via their sponsors for maximum market penetration.

8. Pick the music for outdoors

An important element of a music performance is picking the right music for the right setting. Some types of music are good for the indoor performances, while a few are meant for an outdoor concert. The selection of your play list is another aspect that affects the success of the concert or if it goes well with the timing of the event. Knowing your audience is the key to an interested crowd. So to keep your audience pumped and boost their enthusiasm pay special attention to your play list.

9. Stage and lighting

Your stage is the center of attraction and thus it is important that is good enough to excite your audience and generates interest. In case you are planning for the event in the evening, lighting plays an important role in enhancing the effect of your performance. The lighting must go with the theme of the concert and should depict the mood of the setting. Having a soft lighting for a rock musical concert is definitely a mood killer. SO Plan accordingly. An appropriately lit venue can enhance the effect of the performance.

10. Planning your expenses

When it comes to money, the first question that comes to mind is ‘Can we break even?’ followed by ‘How much can we profit?’ For hosting an outdoor musical concert, you may need lots of funding for setup, artists, advertising and merchandise.Tickets and merchandise are the best ways to get the cash flowing. But, there is one thing; don’t overestimate your event and price it too high as it may drive away the audience. Put up some food stalls and merchandise counter for sale of autographed musical goods, CDs and t-shirts. If you can come up with something even better, good for you.

Finally, now that everything is up and ready, it’s time to hit the floor for some action. But wait, don’t forget to live stream your concert online or elsewhere; it is the best way to promote your event and attract a bigger crowd to the scene. The stream should not only focus on the performance but also capture the audience and share their excitement with your viewers; tell them what they are missing. One last tip, the artists should interact with the audience, keep them involved and their enthusiasm at peak.  Have a great musical event with these handy tips to your disposal.

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