Organising A Comedy Show As A Side Event

Big events require a lot of activities to entertain people. Organising an event that lasts for more than 3 to 4 hours is a daunting task. Since the people sitting there in the audience need constant entertainment, you need to fill the gaps with some small performances. This usually happens in the case of a huge award show, competitions, beauty pageants or a ceremony that needs the people to sit through the whole thing. There are many ways in which the gaps between two acts can be filled like a singing performance, a speech, interactive session or a comedy sketch.

The people all over the world have increasingly started appreciating comedy. The comedy show is a great way to lighten the mood of the audience and also to keep them fresh. There are many types of comedy shows that you can put up in between the acts or as a side event. These are skits, stand up comedy, comedy sketches or a comic and light hearted interaction with the audience. The key to a successful event is to maintain the interest of all the attendees. To maintain the interest of the attendees, you need to keep them busy and engage them in some sort of interaction. Involving the audience in your acts is a great way to increase popularity and also gives you time to prepare for the next act.

If you are organising a comedy event on the side and you have no idea how to do it, we can help you out. Below is a quick guide as to what you need to do to set up a comedy event as a side show.


Set A Plan For Organising The Comedy Show As The Side Event

The first and the foremost thing to do is a device a plan for all this to work out. You will be putting a comedy act either in between the acts or before/after all the acts. Decide where the side event fits in your whole programme plan. Set aside a budget for the artists you will be invited to perform at your event. They will have to be paid and the event arrangements will also cost you some extra money. Keep everything in mind and set a team to look after all these arrangements.

Determine The Time Period For The Comedy Show

There is a specific time period for which the show has to be held. You need to make sure that the side comedy event does not take much of your time. So, while organising a comedy event on the side make sure you know the exact amount of time the performer will need to be on the stage and entertain the audience. If you decide to have more than one performer, decide each of their times separately. Mention this in the brief that you give to your artist.

Make A List Of The Performers

Make a list of all the performers you think would be interested in performing at your event. Also, keep in mind that the comics you are wanting to contact are suitable for the kind of audience that will be attending your event. Every comic has his own style of comedy that might not be suitable for all the people and audiences. Cross out all the irrelevant people off the list. Do some research and find out whether the comedians are free or not to attend your event. There is a very big chance that the big comics might not agree to perform for such a small duration. So, keep some less famous comics also on the list.

Contact The Performers

Finalise the list of the comics and start contacting them. Send them a proposal through an email or just contact their agents or managers. Once they confirm and want to know more about the kind of show you are organising, arrange a meeting with them. Do not sign the deal without personally meeting the artist. If you are not able to meet them personally then make sure to at least video call them. Discuss the payment and the kind of activity that you expect from them. Make sure they understand you and you understand them. Make a detailed agreement and read it carefully before agreeing.

Set Up A Rehearsal

Before the show, request the artist to come at the venue and perform his act in front of the team. This will help you determine what their act is like and how much time you need to put aside for it. During this time the artist will also get familiar with the stage and it will be easier for him to perform on the actual day of the event.

Decide The Other Acts

If you have other acts planned apart from the comedy act, try organising the rehearsals on the same day. This will help you determine the course of events and how all the acts need to be put up for the audience to stay engaged and have fun. Try to keep all the acts as interactive as possible.

On The Day Of The Event

On the day of the event make sure you reach the venue an hour or two before the actual time of the performances. Meet the comics and artists. Make sure everything is ready and there is no delay in the preparations. Enquire about the artist and make sure they are comfortable and ready to perform. Also, make sure that everything is on time.

After The Event

After the event has ended, meet the artist and thank them for their time and effort. Give them a thank you gift if possible and do not delay their payments.

The comedy show as a side event can make your program so much more interesting and entertaining. With these small steps, you can easily have yourself a kick as an event with a comedy show on the side. The audience does not have to sit there for a longer time. Do not stretch the show too much.




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