Order the Perfect Drinks for yourself at a Bar

Going to a club or a bar for the first time after you get your drinking licenses is a big thing. Imagine going to a club and wanting to try out a drink amongst the ones mentioned in the menu. The cocktails and alcoholic beverages have really complicated names and sometimes the people end up ordering something that they do not like and costs them a fortune. Ordering the perfect drink at the bar is not only a problem with the beginners but also for the people who do not visit places like these often and have a hard time determining what to drink and what to order.

Bartending has become a very serious profession. New techniques and flavors have taken the culinary world by a storm. The restaurants usually give some fancy names to their drinks to look interesting but usually confuse the people even more. This is not only frustrating for the guest but also for the bar tender. A common practice at the bars these days is that the people order for a fancy looking drink. They do not like the taste of it. They either waste it or pressurize the bartender to make it right.

Another normal occurrence at a bar is people telling the bartender to make them something nice or something that is the specialty of the bar. When it comes to alcohol everyone has a distinct taste. Not all cocktails are for everyone. Do not order anything that you can not handle. Some cocktails have a stronger flavor than the others and some are really light for the guest.

These confusions lead to frustration amongst the guests and also the bartenders. So, to avoid this we have curated a list of how you should order the best drink for yourself when going to a bar or a club.

  • Determine Your Taste

    Everyone’s taste differs drastically when it comes to foods and drinks. Hence asking the bartender to give you their favorite might be a disaster and you might end up with a drink that you can barely sip. The taste palate is basically recognized by tastes; S0ur, sweet, bitter, salty and savory. Also, a cocktail is ordered by taking into consideration the white or dark spirit, easy drinking or boozy and the taste from the taste palate. Once you have asked the bar tender to make you a drink with your preferred choices, ask him the name of the drink. This helps you know what to order at other places as well.

  • Know The Occasion

    Knowing the occasion is very important while ordering the drink at a bar. If you are out of an official party, do not order anything that is very strong and might lead you to get tipsy. Having some alcohol at the formal parties is a normal occurrence but becoming tipsy and out of control is not at all attractive. Keep in mind that some alcohol shows their effects late. If you have a lot of them, you might end up extremely drunk.

  • Know The Kind Of Drink To Order

    What do you exactly want to drink? You want to have a cocktail or an on the rocks or just a neat shot of alcohol. Decide the kind of drink you want to have before you start placing the order. Avoid standing and holding the line because you are confused about the drink. This will unnecessarily create tension and mayhem in the club.

  • Be Clear About The Order

    If you have no idea about what is going to in a particular drink. Do not hesitate to ask the bartender. If the bar is really crowded and the bartender can not tell you exactly what your drink is composed of, stick to the classic alcohols in water or on the rocks. You could also order tequila shots or vodka shorts. Just make sure that any drink that you are ordering is in accordance with your pallet.

  • Consider The Food

    Tell the bartender in advance what food you will be eating with the drinks. There is a huge possibility that he will help you decide what kind of drink will suit the food that you have ordered. Some drinks totally clash with the foods that you are eating. They can not only make the food taste bad but can also cause indigestion.

  • Take Small Sips

    Whatever drink you order, drink it in small sips. Be it a cocktail or a hard drink, drinking at once is something totally against the bar manners. Moreover, any drink is enjoyed better when the person takes small sips and develops a taste for it. It might feel a little bitter or weird in the beginning till the taste buds get used to it.

  • Palate Cleansers

    If you are trying different types of drinks one after another, it is important for you to cleanse your pallet. After a drink, take a sip of water and have some food like bread so that the taste of the previous drink that you have has vanished off.

  • Get The Best Value

    After you have decided what kinds of drinks you should order, take the one that is the best value. Order a drink that fits your budget. So stick to your budget and do not go overboard with the spending.

  • Know Your Company

    Before ordering a drink know the kind of people you have come with. There is a security that someone will take you back home later. If you are alone or you are driving, consider not drinking or drinking light drinks. You could also opt for mocktails at the bar. These do not have alcohol and taste great.

Drinking at a bar or in a party is a fine for an adult if he is not driving. Make sure you look at your safety first and drunken driving is a punishable offense. Keep the above steps in your mind and never order a wrong drink at a bar. Enjoy your night to the fullest and do not stress about anything.

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