Networking Event- How To Plan

In today’s time building up a business is a very tough task to do. Building something from scratch and making it successful requires a lot of planning and hard work. Any business is only successful if the people are interested in it. This means that you have to tell them what your business is all about. This is also known as networking.

Networking is also important for you to sustain your business in the industry. No new business can run if it does not have any contacts. Running a business is a give and take a process which requires loyal partners and helps from the already settled companies at times. Especially in the case of startups, it is much easier to establish a good base if you have an angel company supporting you.

There is a huge competition in the market and making contacts is the way to succeed. The best way to make contacts is by hosting a networking event. A networking event is a type of event that is held by the new companies or even old companies to let the people know about their services and for them to know the people they will be serving or working with.

Not only are networking event good for you to build contacts but they also help you in many other ways. You will meet many successful companies and you will get to know the ways they have worked in making their business a success, this helps you learn a few key points and apply in your own business. Apart from this, you will also get a live feedback about your business from some of your biggest contenders and potential partners, this will again help you improve. This will also create many new opportunities for you to have business partnerships.

Because of all these benefits, hosting a networking event does sound like a good idea. It is the first hurdle that you have to face while stepping into the big business world. This might sound like an easy task to do, but let us tell you. It is not!. Planning a networking event is a complex procedure. Hiring a planner is the right thing to do but since most start-ups are short on funds, they try and do it themselves. So, for such people, we have curated a list of things that you need to do in order to arrange a perfect networking event for your company.


The Purpose Of The Networking Event

The first step before even starting the plan of the networking event is to know the purpose. What is your goal? Do you want to publicise your company? Do you want to attract possible partners? Or you just want to make some new connections and get to know your rivals?

Define a purpose to your event. This will help you make better decisions in the planning and execution of the event. All the other things directly depend on the purpose and goal.


The Plan For The Networking Event

After the purpose of the event, next most important thing is the plan. Nothing can be achieved without a proper plan.if you wish to make your event a success, make a proper plan so that everything is arranged in order. The plan includes the following:


The budget of the event plays a major role in the execution. If you have a large budget, you can do more things than if you have a constricted budget. Make a separate budget for everything big and small. Try and stick to it and cut costs whenever possible.


The venue plays a huge role in the success of any event is also very important to its success. If you have a big office space, consider hosting the event there. Chose a venue that is easily accessible and has enough space for all the guests.

Date and Time

Set the date and time in such a manner that all your attendees will be available for it. The time is also very important because it will help you decide what kind of food and services that you will offer.


The Guest List For The Networking Event

Decide who to invite. Make a list of all the important people that you want to attend the event. Send them personalised invitation cards. Curate your guest list carefully and mark the VIP guests so that they get the best treatment throughout the event.

The Food And Refreshments

The food and refreshments are a perfect way to bring people closer. Depending on what time your event is supposed to be held make a list of all the food choices that can be offered. If the event is during the night time consider providing dinner and if it’s during the day and just for a few hours consider providing snacks. If the event is a party you can serve alcohol as well.

Promotion Of The Networking Event

Apart from the decided guest list, other people will also be attending your networking event. So to attract those people you have to advertise your event. Especially for the people who are hosting the networking event to build a customer base, start advertising as soon as the date and venue are finalised. Make a promotion plan and set a separate team to take care of it. Promote your event on various platforms like social media and print media and emails etc. This will help you target all the type of audience.

On The Day Of The Event

After all the efforts done to plan the event, the day of the event is very crucial. Make sure all the last minute preparations are done at least two hours before the guests arrive. Leave no stone unturned. As soon as the guest arrive start mingling. Tell your staff and the members of your team to treat each guest with respect and give them importance. Make the event as interactive as possible so that you get into the good books. Do not be shy and talk to as many people as possible.


With these small steps and some changes of your own, you are set to have the best networking event ever. So get planning!

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