Music Concert Event Promotion Tips

A music concert event is a great way to collect some funds and promote your company. The more the crowd is attracted to the concert event, the more successful it is. To attract the crowd, promoting an event is necessary. Promoting a music concert event does not look like a very difficult task in the beginning but as you get into it you realise it’s tougher than expected. The popularity of the artist sure plays a huge role in the success of the event but a proper plan and a well-planned marketing scheme is the biggest factor. There are a lot of preparations that have to be made in order to host a music concert. The steps involve:

Planning For The Music Event

Planning is the very first step in planning any musical event. Make a detailed plan of everything and start bringing it into action as soon as possible. The plan consists of your budget, activities and the promotional strategies.

Booking a celebrity

After finalising the plan, next step is to book a celebrity. There are a lot of things before considering a celebrity for your musical event. The type of targeted crowd is the biggest factor followed by budget and availability of the celebrity. Take everything into consideration and book a celebrity for your event.


Budget is the basis for all the preparation. Without a proper budget, all the planning is a waste. Set a well-defined budget for everything and stick to it.


Select a venue that is big enough to fit all the crowd and is also under the budget. It should be easily accessible to all the guests.


Tickets are the way to earn profits from any musical concert. So, price the tickets properly. In addition to this make sure the marketing is done properly to sell the tickets before the show itself.


After all these preparations next come the promotions. Promoting a music event can be really tricky. So, if you are having issues in building your marketing plan for your musical event, here are a few tricks to help you out:


  • PR Management

The first thing to do while marketing a music event is to hire or create a team to handle all the planning. The promotion is a big part of any marketing strategy and a set of intelligent people can only make it work. Hire people who already have experience in this field and can work according to your preferences. This can be very useful when the time is less and you have no idea how to go about it. A professional gets the job done under a required budget and time. They have the strategies to do cut costs and deliver the best in your budget. The only downside of hiring a PR Management team is that it will cost you a little more money than not hiring one would.

  • Social Media

There is no better way to promote a music event than social media. Social media is such a vast platform and the best part about it is that it is totally free. Start by creating a website and pages for your event. Keep posting interesting information about the music concert and the performing artists. Keep tagging people and ask them to follow you. Make an event page on Facebook and let the people know the details about your event. Create polls online. Start creating small contests and reward the people with small gifts if they attend the concert.

Selling of the tickets online can also be a good way to publicise on social media. Invite a few local celebrities and bloggers and ask them to promote your music concert on their social media page. In addition to this, ask the performing artists to promote the music concert on their respective social media page.

Snapchatting or live streaming the preparations for the concerts with the performing artists can also help attract their fans and boost the sale of the tickets. Be as creative as possible because social media has no boundaries.

Email marketing is another type of free marketing that can be considered under social media. So, start sending email invitations and newsletters to the people you think might be interested in the music concert. This is a good way to get attention.

  • Print media

The print media includes newspapers, magazines and flyers. Newspaper articles and advertisements are the way to reach out to those people that are not available on the social media. Post paid ads on the newspapers regularly. Start as soon as the date, venue and the artists have been finalised. Create an advertisement that is attractive and also has all the information about the music concert.

Make attractive flyers for your music concert. Hand out flyers to the people at public places and let them know about your music concert. In addition to this print out a few ticket passes in advance and then distribute them for free amongst some influential people. Ask them to give the passes to random people. 

  • Radio

Radio might not sound as a very new generation idea to promote a music concert but let us face it, everyone listens to the radio. Most people who have their own cars and drive them regularly listen to the radios. So, make an attractive audio advertisement for your music concert and put it on the radio. This is sure to attract a lot of people to your music concert.

  • Posters

Posters are a great way to grab the attention of a lot of people at one time. The placement of the posters is important. Find a place for your posters that is easily visible from a distance and is a very accessible place.make sure the pastor is catchy and attention grabber. Print big pictures of your performing artists and clearly mention the date and venue of the concert.

  • Television

Television advertisement might look like a very expensive promotional tactic but in reality, it is very useful. If you have a budget them make a good but small television advertisement and run it on the music channels. Make sure the advertisement is shown as frequently as possible and is also available for a long time. 


With these small tips in mind make your marketing plan and host a successful music event.

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