Movie Screening Event- How To Organize

 A movie screening is an essential part in the success of a film. It is the first show of the film that is presented to some of the important people in the industry. The event usually consists of a movie screening and an after-party. There is a lot of work that goes into making a movie. After the movie is made, it is also very important to publicise it right from the beginning. The first screening and the reactions of the people are the basis on which the movie will be measured on the opening. If you do not have a huge publicity plan, organising a movie screening becomes really important for the success of the film.


The movie screening is also a great way to build your reputation and make contacts with the other filmmakers and actors or the people from the industry. Discussing the movie will make the event a bigger success. During this you let the people know about what thoughts went into creating the movie and the significance of the theme for the people etc. these events can also be a good opportunity to bring up other local issues and bigger world issues and create awareness about them.


There are so many movies being released every now and then that there is a lot of competition in the film world. Every movie screening is better than the other and it becomes really tough for your movie screening to stand out. If you have to plan a movie screening and you do not know how to go about it. Let us tell you that it is not a simple task and can get a little cumbersome at times. But we are here to help. Here are a few tips on how you should organise a successful movie screening.



Planning For The Movie Screening

The plan is the first step in organising any event and it is an important part of organising a movie event as well. So make a fool proof plan. Divide the plan into different parts and do not leave any detail. Keep in mind the big and small details, because if you miss anything, the event can turn out into a total failure. Consider everything from the guests to the budget before making a blueprint. Create a team of trusted employees and give each of them one part to take care of.


Next, comes the budget for the movie event. The movie screening is a big event and requires investment. If you already have the fundings for the screening then divide that funding amongst the various parts of your plan and stick to the budget. If you still do not have enough budget for your screening then make sure you find the sponsor of a partner sooner. The sooner you have the money, the sooner you can start all the preparations. Keep aside an emergency budget. Make sure you do not spend anything from the emergency budget unless it is very necessary. Cut costs as much as possible and avoid spending on unnecessary stuff.


The venue also plays a great role in the success of your event. Before selecting a venue, see that it is large enough to fit all the attendees. Also make sure that it is easily accessible from all the parts of the city or the town, in addition to this the venue should be properly ventilated. Ask the venue operator to make sure that everything is available on the day of the movie screening and nothing is missing. The sound systems are a must in any movie screening. So, make sure that is on point.


Some of the famous people in the industry will be visiting the event, so make sure you send them the invitation on time. Make sure you invite some famous celebrities to your movie screening to improve the publicity. Design the invitations with precision and mention all the details in them. If you have time, give out the invitations personally to some special guests to make them feel important and so that they make time from their busy schedules to visit the screening.


Promotions are really important to the success of any movie screening. You want to create a buzz amongst the audience about your movie and there is no better way than to promote it on the social media and the television. the celebrities invited to the movie screening will themselves cause a huge stir in the media. But in addition to this create a social media page for your movie and post interesting things in it. Make sure you make the content relatable to the audience.

On The Screening Day

On the day of the event, mingle as much as possible. About a couple of hours before making a quick check of all the arrangements big and small to avoid any mishappening. Call your team earlier to take care of all the arrangements. Make sure all the VIP guests are on their way. If possible make arrangements to bring them to the show. Just the day before the event make sure the venue and types of equipment. Also, keep the contact number of the technician handy just in case there is an issue.

After The Screening

After the screening, go to the guests personally and ask for their opinions. Ask them for their reviews and keep them in mind for the next time. Try and live to stream the event. If it is not possible, put up the details of the screening on the social media and other platforms for the people to see. This will create a buzz amongst the normal people and they will want to watch your movie.


With these small things in mind, organise an amazing and very successful screening for yourself. Make sure you use all the latest technology and the most important thing of all, be creative. Carve the event according to your preference. You do not have to stick to the cliche, do what you feel is right and do it with perfection. Always prefer quality over quantity.




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