Our To-Do List for Marketing your Events on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms that you can use to market your events, whether it is live music performance, corporate conferences, seminars, business presentations, or any upcoming schedules that you have on your list. If you haven’t done so, then you are missing out on the biggest opportunity to gain a new audience for your events, as well as to boost your ticket sales. So, why not start from now?

Marketing your events on YouTube is slightly different from the regular social media platforms because you will use videos as your primary marketing medium. On Twitter or Facebook, you might simply just write some texts or upload a poster image for your next schedule, but on YouTube, you need to put some more effort to attract the audience. Here is our To-do list for marketing your events on YouTube:

1. Create a New Video for Each New Event

A big mistake that is commonly made by event promoters is that they upload videos only occasionally on YouTube, and even then, they promote their events by featuring 3-5 upcoming schedules in one video. This is something that you shouldn’t do.

If you want to make your events successful, you need to promote each of them one by one. Create one video focusing on one upcoming event and then create the next video for another one. By doing this, you will provide continuity for your YouTube channel and more and more audience will stay tune on your channel in case there are more upcoming events scheduled in the near future.

2. Keep the Video Duration between 2-3 Minutes

Remember that each of your video promotion needs to feature the event in the best possible light. You need to show the various things that the audience can expect when they are attending such an event. Thus, it will help give the audience the motivation and enthusiasm to buy a ticket for it right away.

Because you are showing the features of each event in your videos, you can’t make your videos too short. You need to make each video memorable for your audience, yet it doesn’t need to be too long either. So, the best length for each video that you make is 2-3 minutes. It provides the best attention span for your audience and enough time for you to captivate them.

3. Use the Community Posts to Interact with Your Audience

The Community Posts on YouTube is designed for video creators to interact directly with their audience. The posts that you publish to the Community Posts can be seen by the audience using their YouTube mobile app, and it’s just like any other post that you can post on other social media platforms. Then, they can comment or like your posts just as usual.

Additionally, with the Community Posts feature on YouTube, you will also be able to create polls to gain their feedback directly. You can use this feature to know whether they like your events or not, or whether there are any improvements that need to be done to make it better.

4. Create Additional Videos If the Event is Big

If there is a big event scheduled in the near future, you should be prepared to promote that event continuously on YouTube. This is important to make sure that you can create a hype and buzz about it as time goes by. You will need more than one video for this special occasion. You need to create additional videos that you will publish regularly on your channel.

Make sure that each video represents a different aspect of the event and avoid making videos that are too repetitive. Keep everything unique, original, and enticing to keep your audience interested in hearing more about it.

5. Monitor the Community Feedback and Improve Your Promotional Style

YouTube is a very active community, and if you can keep your channel growing, you will have lots of audience ready to give you honest feedback about your events. So, what you need to do next is to monitor the community feedback so that you know what you are doing and how you can improve it. Remember that you are creating these videos for the audience, so you need to keep doing it in the ways that give them positive response.

From time to time, you should also improve your promotional style to keep everything in line with the current trends. Your current promotional style might be considered old in the next few years, which is why it is good to keep improving it from time to time. In the end, it will help keep your brand growing on YouTube and help boost the ticket sales for each event that you promote.

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