Tips for Planning Marathon Race Events

One of the greatest marathoners of all times Emil Zatopek once said “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon”. This is literally the truest quote of all times. Running a marathon is one of the best experiences in life. Another marathoner Lori Culnane also quotes the “Everything you ever wanted to know about your life, you can learn in 26.2 miles”. A lot of people run marathons every day or every year and it is a liberating experience. Running is the best form of exercise a person can get and run a marathon is like challenging your own mental and physical strength.

A marathon is a long race that requires the runner to cover a total of 42.2 km or 26.2 miles. This is one of the most challenging endurance running that a person can ever undergo. A lot of training and practice is required to run a marathon. It has been a sporting event ever since the ancient times and was one of the original games that were included in the first Olympic tournament. The thrill of running a marathon is incomparable. The first account of anyone running a marathon is from the 2nd century.

Every year there are numerous competitions held all around the world in which the marathoners participate and win. The marathon can be of any level from school to state to district and country. The highest level is the Olympics that happens every four years. Sometimes charity events include maratons and raise some money. The money is collected through the tickets. It is later given to the charity organizations. It is a great thing to participate and try a hand out at running marathons.

If you want to experience a marathon and the excitement, think about organizing one. Organizing a marathon is actually a very tedious task and might require a lot of planning depending on a number of people attending and the size of the event. However, we can help you out. Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to organize a  perfect marathon event.Keep reading for more:

  • Decide The Reason For The Marathon Event

There has to be a reason for you to organize a marathon event. It could be anything like a competition or a charity race or just for fun. This has two advantages. One this will help you make the arrangements.  Secondly, this is a very important piece of information for publicity.

  • Decide A Venue For The Marathon Event

The venue for the marathon event means that decide a track. Select a track that is empty and does not have any kinds of holes and breakage in it. The track should be suitable for running smoothly and large enough to finish the 26.2 Miles distance. The race starts from the stadium and ends there itself.

  • Decide The Budget For The Marathon Event

Make a plan and know how much money will be required to make all the arrangements. Quote the sum to the potential sponsors or partner with the companies that sell sports accessories, shoes and clothes to fund you. They can have a share in the profit that you earn from the event.

  • Pick The Perfect Date and Time For The Marathon Event

Decide a perfect date that suits the time table of almost all the runners. The best time to have the marathon is early in the morning since the traffic is really less and the roads are empty. The temperature is also not as hot during the morning as it gets during the day time. Also, fix a date during the weekends so that more and more people can participate in the event.

  • Make All The Arrangements For The Marathon Event

You have to make a lot of arrangements. The arrangements like the markings on the track, the place for the spectators to stand ETC. Also, set up water booths at every few kilometers for the players to grab a sip of water when they need it. Additionally, it is very important to keep a team of physicians and para medics ready to handle any kind of emergency situations.

  • Set Up A Marketing Plan For The Marathon Event

The best way to attract a lot of crowd and runners to your marathon event is to market it properly. Make sure you have a fool proof marketing plan for the day. Include social media promotions and email marketing at the top of your list. Additionally having a mascot and a logo can make the job even easier. Print out flyers and distribute them to the people. Putting up banners is also a great idea to catch the attention of the public. If you have a good budget, you can also have a celebrity endorse your event.

  • Register The Marathoners For The Marathon Event

Start the registrations as early as possible. Have a specific number of available places for the people to fill. Make sure you price the entry ticket in a way that everyone can afford it easily. If it is a professional event, keep trials before you admit any marathoners in the event.

  • Hire A Group Of Volunteers For The Marathon Event

For the marathon day, you will require a lot of volunteers for various tasks. Set the volunteers at every corner of the event venue. Have two volunteer handle one water booth and also ask them to help the players get around properly.


Following these steps will surely help you with your marathon event. However don’t shy away from making your own changes according to the requirement of the situation. Additionally, make sure you start as early as possible because it is extremely necessary for the runners to train for the race. Also, make sure you treat all the participants equally and respectfully and there is someone to take care of the sick people.  Make all the arrangements according to the plan and you will be good to go.

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