Live Music Event- Plan Successfully

Live events are becoming famous day by day and are an amazing way to attract a lot of crowds. Live events are also a great way to earn a lot of money. A live event can be anything that includes a live performance by an artist or a group of artists of any kind. A live music event is the most famous and successful of all these. The live music event can be of any scale from a huge concert to a small private gig. With so many types of live music events being held everywhere in the world and with so many new innovations and technologies being used in each of them, planning a unique live music event becomes a strenuous task.

There is a lot of competition from all around the world. So planning a live music event in a certain budget requires intense planning and preparation. There are a lot of factors on which the success of your music event depends such as the artist, the venue, the facilities, the sound system and the management.

So, if you want to plan a live music event and do not have any knowledge about it. We are here to help. We have curated a checklist of all the things to do in order to make your event the best live music event in the area and the world.


Plan Plan Plan The Live Music Event

First thing first, make a detailed plan. In all our other articles we have mentioned how important is building a foolproof plan is for the success of any kind of event. The live music events are the type that if one thing goes wrong, everything starts getting wrong with it. The pointers to keep in mind while creating a plan are:

The Type Of Event

Decide what type of music event you should host. The type includes the kind of artists, the size of the event and what will attract the most people. The types can be a huge concert, a DJ night or a theatre performance and so on. Also decide whether you want a band, a solo singer, a dancer, a DJ or many different artists for the show.

Type Of Attendees

After you have decided the type of event, decide your target audience. These will be the people who your marketing team will target the most. So, think carefully about who would be interesting in your gig. Also, make a rough guess of how many people will be attending your live music event.


Since you know the size of the audience and the type of live event, select a suitable venue. The venue should have all the facilities and enough space to fit all the people. Make sure the stage is properly visible from where the crowd will stand. Also, see that all the things that you need for the gig like electricity and stall arrangement space are provided in the venue.

Sound Levels

Since it is a music event, checking the sound levels is very important. Make sure the sound levels are not too high or not too low. The music should reach to the people but not cause irritation.


For an outdoor music event, you will need some permits and certificates from the local government. Make sure you have all of them before the day of the event.



Finalise a budget for your music event. Frame a nice and catchy proposal and send it to all the potential sponsors sometime before the event. If you do not want to work with the sponsors then find some partners. Divide your profits and ask them to fund you.

Once you have the money for the event divide it properly for the different arrangements. In addition to this keep some money aside as the emergency budget and do not use it unless very necessary.


Since you know the genre of music you will be playing at the event, sort down the best-matched artists. Contact these artists and their managers. Discuss all the terms and conditions in details. There are the people that will single-handed handle your gig. So, make sure everything is set properly.


The tickets will be your way to earning profit from the event. Make sure that the ticketing is done properly. Do not overprice the tickets in order to earn extra money. This will not only decrease your ticket sales but will also put you in the loss. Price the tickets as such that you earn some profit and also sell all of them. To attract the people to buy the tickets, try circulating some free passes.


All the responsibility of a huge live music event can not be handled by one person. So, you will need a team. Select the people that have all the knowledge about the live gigs and who have an experience of working in this field. Remember, the quantity of the team members do not matter but the quality does. Make sure you pay these members well for the work they put in planning and executing your live musical event.

Market and Promote

Make a separate team for marketing and promotion of the live music event. There are misconceptions that if there is a huge artist performing in a gig the crowd will automatically be attracted. This has failed many events. Make sure yours is not one of them. Market smartly and extensively. Start marketing as early as possible. Reach out to people on all the platforms. Social media can be used to sell tickets and market effectively. Use email marketing to attract attendees. Send out flyers and put up boards so that more and more people see your gig and get attracted to it.

Check And Re-check

After planning everything revisits all the vendors. Make sure everything is coming up as planned. If there are any problems, solve them immediately. In addition to this rehearse the whole event with the artist a few times before the day of performance so that there are no glitches.

On The Event Day

Stream your live on the social media channels. Make sure all the arrangements are done at least a couple of hours before the guest start arriving. Brief your team on the type of behaviour they will show the attendees.


Keep these things in mind and make some customizations to plan a very successful Live Music Event.

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