How to Enjoy Ladies Night Out on a Budget

It’s Saturday night and you have decided to meet your girlfriends.  However, the problem here is that you are broke. This has happened to a lot of us a lot of times. It’s not always that everyone can afford to sit in a fancy restaurant and have fun with their ladies just like the ‘Sex In The City’ girl gang. There is always this time of the month when you look out for budget options to have a full night of fun with your girlies and not break the bank.

Ladies night out are a must for every girl because everyone needs time with their group of friends to share their hectic lives and the stories about their bosses or kids or husbands. No matter what age you are, this is one thing every girl looks forward to. You might want to go for a few drinks at the club or a fancy dinner but the bank won’t let you.

There are numerous options that you can take to have a full night of fun and not spend a huge amount. The ultimate goal is to have fun with your girl gang. So it does not matter what you do until you are together and enjoying it. If you are looking for ideas to have a girl night out on a budget,  here is a list of 10 things you can do with your gal pals without burning holes in your purses. Keep reading:


Go For A Movies On The Ladies Night

Going for a movie is the most cost effective way to spend the night out with the girls. The movie tickets are cheap and would not break your bank. You could go for a recently released chick flick or any movie that you want to see. Taking out a separate time for a movie outing is really difficult and incorporating it in your ladies night out would be the best way to save time and money. If you do not want to see a movie, go for a matinee. These are even cheaper than the movie tickets and are as much fun.

Clubs With Ladies Nights

The best part about being a girl is that there are always promotional offers available at the clubs for them. Check out the clubs and bars near you and you might find at least one of them hosting a ladies night. The place does not have to be extremely fancy or anything until it’s safe. Grab your free drinks and dance the night away with your ladies. The entry to these clubs is also free for the ladies.

Don’t Miss The Happy Hours

The full price must be a lot but there are numerous restaurants that have happy hours. For those who do not know, happy hours is a time period in a restaurant where they have ongoing offers on the foods and drinks and you can avail discounts on them. Since you are a lot of women, getting more for less is the best thing that can happen. You can also get these deals online at various portals and show the coupons to the staff and enjoy your meal without going broke.

Go Out For Desserts

If you and your friends do not want to spend so much on the dinner,  going out just for dessert is also one of the best options. Have a nice meal at home and go to a nice place to take care of your sweet tooth. The cost of dessert is usually just half of the food. You could also have dinner together at a friend’s house and go out for dessert later.

Go For Long Drives

Long drives in the night are the best when you have your best friends for you. So get in your cars and drive off to some place nearby. You could pack some snacks for the way and go to any place that your heart desires. You can also drive around the city and enjoy the night and eat at some street shops to make the most out of the night.

Camp At The Beaches

Beaches in the night are extremely beautiful. Grab some alcohol and some sheets and camp at the beach for the night.  You could also join in the beach parties that are usually free for all the visitors. Taking your own alcohol will save yours from the very costly cocktails and drinks that are served at a place like this. Do some mingling and make some not friends while at it.

Sing At A Karaoke

Karaoke night is always a fun option to have. Go to a bar or a club hosting small karaoke nights and spend the night singing and dancing to your favorite tunes. It does not matter if you sing well or not, loosing up a little for one night is not a bad thing to do.

Do Some Wine Tasting

If you have a Vineyard around your locality going for some wine tasting is not a bad idea. They usually cost really less and are a great experience. Additionally, you get to drink a lot of wine and laugh off the night with your friends. You can also go to other tastings such as food and whiskey and much more.

Go To Plays or comedy shows

Go watch a play with your friends about anything that takes your fancies. The play tickets at the local theaters are not that high. Have a nice dinner and Book your tickets in advance. You could also go to a place that has live comedy shows. These new comedians are sure to make your night a fun night. Most of these places are free entry and you can enjoy your favorite drinks while listening to the comics.

Get Yourselves Free Makeovers

Women love makeovers. There are many stores in the malls that offer free makeovers or make up sampling. You can visit these makeup stores and sit down for a free makeover. You do not necessarily have to buy their products. While you are at the mall,  window shopping is also a great option to spend some fun time with your friends. Try out different outfits and have fun while at it.


In the end, keep in mind that every group of friends is different and everyone has different hobbies. Try and think of the things you and your girlfriends love to do and incorporate that into your plans. You can combine a couple of the above things together and spend some more time with your BFFs. As we have already said, it’s all about having fun and sharing some good moments with your gang.

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