How to Keep the Crowd Busy at a Festival Event

Festival events are the new trend these days. With the advancement in technology and social media raging all over the world, more and more people are becoming aware of the festival events and are attending them. Festival events can be of many different types such as music festivals, dance festivals, food festivals and much more. The festival events are so much fun because the people get to interact with a new crowd that has the same interest as them. There are many fun activities to participate in and these are the best way to blow off some steam and have some fun.

However, festival events are not as easy to organize as they are to attend. The planning needs a lot of hard work and time. If the events last for about three days, three days of planning has to be done in advance. Things like venue, date, budget, performers and much more need to be considered. Furthermore, there are so many amazing festival events taking place all over the world and there is so much competition that organizing an event that stands out is an even more difficult task.

The main task apart from seeing that every arrangement is done properly and everything runs smoothly is to keep the crowd entertained for three days. You need to organize things that can keep the crowd busy and interested for 72 hours. This can be a really difficult task since the people get bored really easily. So here are a few things that you can do to keep the crowd busy for three days at a festival event:

Have A Great Set Of Performers At The Festival

First thing first, has a great set of performers for your event. Make sure the performers you choose are interesting and grab the interest of the audience. This will be a huge help for you since the people will stay busy in enjoying the acts and you will not have to worry about the other activities. The only time a person goes about looking for different activities when the acts are not interesting them.

Arrange For Games And Activities

Apart from the performances organize some interesting games for the people to participate. Since most of the crowd attending your festival will be adults, you can have drinking games and tombola or shooting games for the people to enjoy. Social media is a big hit these days and people would like to post pictures from the festival venue on their accounts. Set up a photo booth or an area that has some interesting props that will keep all the shutterbugs interested.

Engage The Crowd

Engaging the crowd is the best way to keep them entertained and occupied. Ask the performers to interact with the crowd as much as possible. While performing ask some of the members from the crowds to join them or ask them to clap or do some moves and dance to the beats. This will keep the performance fun and interesting. The performer can also take some requests from the crowds. The organizers can also arrange for some in between acts to keep the crowd busy.

Have A Live Streaming Crew

Set up a photography and like streaming crew that can go around the event venue and interview various attendees about their experience at the festival. This can benefit you in a couple of ways, first, it can be a great way to keep the people involved and interested since everyone wants to be featured on the festival’s official social media page and website. Secondly, it will help you gain a true feedback from the attendees about the things they do not like or like about the event.

Put Some Interesting Stalls

Another way to keep the crowd busy is by setting up interesting stalls. There can be gaming stalls, clothing stalls and much more. Personalized product stalls are also very famous these days. Stalls are a very common way to keep the people busy. You can also ask your sponsors and partners to put up their stalls with their merchandise. People can shop interesting clothes and accessories and play games to keep themselves busy.

Set Up A Camp

If it is an event that is stretching for more than one day, it is the organizer’s responsibility to set up accommodations. Festivals are a great way to meet and greet with new people and make some new friends. So, you can get creative with the accommodation arrangements. Plan them in such a way that people can easily interact with each other. Set up activities such as campfire and camp games to keep the people busy.

Food Is The Crowd Pleaser

Food is one thing that everyone likes. Make sure there are enough food stalls serving the most interesting variety of foods and beverages. Partner with the biggest food chains in the city and ask them to put up their stalls in the festival. Do not forget to serve alcohol. Food and drinks can be a real crowd pleaser if you want to make your festival a success.

Involve The Latest Technology

Latest technology such as Virtual reality and the augmented reality or the 3D display screens are a great way to attract a huge chunk of the crowd. You can also set up booths that let people try some new technology gadgets and some VR games.

Body And Face Painting

This is for all the fashion divas out there attending your festival event. Face and body painting are extremely famous these days. Setting up artists at your event can make the crowd really interested in them. Festivals all about fashion and showing off new trends and face and body paints help enhance the looks. You could also set up some tattoo artists for the more adventure loving folks.

Arrange for A Celebrity Meet and Greet

You can ask your performers to take out some time and meet their fans and talk to them. If you are concerned about their security, make sure that you have a separate area with the body guards.
Keeping the crowd busy during the festival event can be a daunting task but if you follow the above steps and be a little creative yourself, we assure you that your festival event will be a sure shot success. Make sure to be as creative as possible and scan the audience for the things they will actually love.

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