10 Interesting Things to Do on a Saturday Night

After working for the whole week and putting all your efforts into work, weekends are the times when a person wants to relax and chill with his or her friends. This is the time to have some fun and let off the steam. When friends meet up, they look out for various options to make the night as memorable as possible. There are numerous things you and your group of friends can do to make your Saturday night as memorable as possible. Below we give you a list of 10 fun things you can do with your friends and make your Saturday night the best night of the whole week. Keep reading:

Clubbing On A Saturday Night

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a Saturday night is clubbing. Who does not like going to a place with great music, amazing food, and some booze. Gather all your girlfriends or guy friends or just your group of friends and head to the best club in your city. If you do not have a huge budget then try looking for clubs that allow free entry and happy hours. Get dressed and dance the night off to the music in the club. Do not forget to be careful and not get drunk. This will ruin all the fun for you as well as the people with you.

Movie Marathon

What’s better than spending the Saturday night watching your favorite movies one by one with your buddies. A movie marathon is basically a trail of movies that you watch consecutively one after the other. This is for the nights you do not want to go out and just sit back and relax. Grab some food and some cocktails and sit down with your best friends. Get comfortable and get lost in the world of your favorite movies and characters. You could also go out to the nearby theater and watch the late night show with your pals.

House Party

House parties are super fun. They are also convenient and sometimes way better than going out if you have a large circle of friends. You have your own kind of music, your favorite food, and your favorite drinks. If you are short on cash and can not afford to throw the party on your own, then your group of friends can contribute in one form or another, for example, someone can get food and some can get alcohol and you can have yourself an amazing party.

Live Shows

There are many places that have live show nights of some famous singers or local singers. You could also attend a concert that is usually held on the weekends. Music concerts are really fun if attended with a group of friends where you can sing and dance along to the songs of your favorite singer. There are live shows of the local artists in the bars also that are free of cost and can be as fun. You can just have some drinks and some food and even interact with the singer if possible. Live comedy shows and plays are also a great way to spend your Saturday nights.


Who does not like attending a festival. If there is a music or dance festival happening nearby, forget about everything and go visit it. The place looks magnificent in the nights and the performances usually happen till late in the night. Make sure to carry your supplies and dress up nice and chic. Participate in as many activities as possible and join your friends and move to the beats of your favorite DJ. There is a huge possibility that you might even find some new interest in music and a new singer or a DJ.

Drive or a spontaneous trip

You know what are the best kind of trips? The ones that we do not plan. If you have a car and a kickass playlist a spontaneous trip to any place nearby is the best thing to do. Gather all your friends and pick up the car, grab some food and blast the stereo. The roads are extremely beautiful in the night and even if you do not end up going anywhere, a long drive through the city and on the outskirts is a fun thing to do. You can also check out the late night eateries and bars and have breakfast at the different end of the city just for the fun of it.

Go to a Casino

Why does everyone love Las Vegas, because of the casinos and the gambling opportunities? Well, you do not have to go to Las Vegas every time you want to have fun. Look out for some local casinos and head down there for a game of Blackjack, Rummy, Baccarat, Roulette or just simple slot machines. Winning is not the motive, the motive is to enjoy the environment of the casino and gamble the night away. It is advisable to check that the casino is legal and also that you are a legal adult that has the rights to gamble.

Karaoke Night

Bring out that pop star in you and attend that karaoke night. Karaoke nights are really fun when you have all your friends together with you and you can sing along with them. Look out for the nearest bar or club hosting a karaoke night and head there for a fun filled night.

Go Camping

Many people would agree that camping in the night was the best thing that we did as a child. Why not live those childhood memories and grab your tents to camp in the nearby forest. Just make sure that the place is safe for camping and there are no wild animals around. You can set up the tents in the late evening and cook some dinner and sit around the bonfire all night long.

Go To A Haunted Place

This is for all the thrill seekers and the adventure enthusiasts. Whether a person believes it or not, ghosts and spirits are something that has been embedded in our minds ever since childhood and everyone gets a kick out of trying to know more and more about them. On a Saturday night gather all your adventurous friends and visit a haunted cemetery or a haunted place and stay there for the night. You will surely have some experiences to share after this visit.


There are much more options than the ones given above. Each group of friends is different and each person has their own choices. All you need to do is get creative and go for the things that make you happy. Afterall it is all about having fun. So, wait no more. Gather your group of friends and take out your car to have a memorable Saturday night.


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