How to Plan an Interactive Workshop Event from A-Z

Do you have a big project coming up? Do you want to know what your employees think? Want to increase the public interaction in your organization? Want to get to know the partner company well? There is just one answer to all these questions, Interactive event. An interactive event is a great way to connect with your employees or any other kind of public. It is a great way to get your message out there to the people and also have them solve all the queries that they have. An interactive marketing event involves for the host to talk and discuss the issues and ideas with the people attending it.

An interactive workshop can also be a great way to market your product or company. Let the attendees try out your product and have them tell their views about it. This way you will get instant audience feedback on the product and you can easily make all the changes in the product before actually sending it out in the market. Although, a very little percentage of the companies use interactive marketing as a technique of reaching to the audience and interactive workshop events are done as a type of business event.

If you are planning to host an interactive workshop event for your company and do not know how to start with it. We have the solution to your problem. We will guide you through the basics and complexities of arranging a successful Interactive Workshop Event. Keep reading below:

Reason for the Interactive Workshop

The reason for the interactive workshop is the most important thing to consider. The reasons can be many like a business proposal, an employee/employer interactive session, a meeting between two different companies, a launch of a new product, a whole company discussion, a college workshop and much more. Know what exactly is the reason for you to hold the workshop. Make a point by point list of all the things to include.

What Type of Interactive Workshop?

The type of interactive workshop is important. When you know what is the reason for you to hold the workshop, make sure you decide the type of activities that are going to be held in it. Like the workshop could be a two-hour event or a one-week long event. It could involve only snacks or it could be a dinner or lunch event. Depending on the reason and the type of guest that will be attending the workshop, decide the duration and type of workshop.


Decide the exact type and number of participants. If possible make a list of all the attendees and their preferences. This will help you in two ways. One, it will help you decide the venue and food services. Second, it will help you know exactly how the arrangements should be done and how the action plan should be arranged. The type of participants is the basis for the decision of the venue. For example, if it a very high profile interactive workshop, the venue also has to be kept a high profile.

Activity Plan

The activity plan is the list of activities that will be included in the interactive workshop. Decide what you will speak, what type of questions will be raised by the audience and thrown at the audience. What will be the time duration of the speeches? Decide every detail in a way that it attracts the crowd to listen and focus on what you are telling them. The more involved they will feel the more successful the event will be.

Speakers and Team

Then comes the time to decide the speaker and the team that will work on the event. The speaker is a key element in any interactive workshop. So, select the one who has the ability to captivate the audience and keep them interested. The speaker should have the full knowledge about the event basics so that they are able to answer each and every question clearly. If possible appoint more than one speaker for a long duration event.

The success and failure of your event will depend on your team. So choose wisely and make separate teams for different activities.

Venue and Services

Next, comes the venue. So, consider the number and the type of attendees and the type of event. The venue needs to be able to easily hold all the guests and give them enough space to participate in all the activities.

Check with the venue about the services like seating arrangements, audio system, stage arrangements and much more. Make a list of all these things before selecting the venue. Sort your venues that suit all your need.

Food and Drinks

Deciding to serve foods and drinks and what to serve to the attendees is another big task to consider. Also the type and quality of food you serve are important. So, put a lot of thinking about what you will serve. Contact a lot of caterers and select the ones that serve the best food under your budget. Food and drinks is a place where you can easily save a lot of money. So try and cut down the costs as much as possible.


Then comes the marketing. Now, for an interactive workshop, the guest list is usually decided. So, the marketing usually involves sending out the invitations and assuring the invited people attend the event at any cost. Hence, make your invitations as attractive as possible. Try to put the main agendas of the interactive workshop with the invitation so that the people know what it is going to be about. Send some virtual invites in the form of emails regularly to all the attendees. Also, send them reminders about your event.


The last thing to consider is the goal of your interactive workshop. Decide what is that you want to achieve by the end of the session. A workshop if done at a large scale requires a lot of investment and if the goal is not known, it is a waste of funds. The goals will also help you bring out the best layout for the event.


Keep these points in mind while planning an interactive workshop and you will be good to go. Also remember that each workshop is different so, try to make some changes according to your preferences.



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