Sports Interactive event- Plan and Design

Sports events are a great way to build contact and to interact with people interested in the same activities as yourself. There can be a lot of different reason for hosting a sports event but it all comes down to one basic reason and that is publicity. The sports events have a lot of options and themes to choose from such as matches, classes and interactive sports events. Since there are so many different activities available these days and each activity has its set of followers. A sports event can also be a great way to build fitness culture in your area. Not only are sports fun but they are also the most effective exercise that a person can possibly get.

Many different companies host sports events such as sports merchandise companies, gyms, fitness centers and even the companies that make fitness related edible things like energy drinks, protein bars, supplements etc. Hosting an Interactive Fitness event is the best way to gain popularity while understanding what the people have to say about your company or organization.

If you are planning on organizing an Interactive Sports event for your organization and do not know how to go about it, we are here to help. Here we will be helping you with the plan and design of your upcoming Interactive sports event. So keep reading.


  • Type of interactive sports event

First thing first, there are a lot of interactive sports events ideas, chose the one that you want to host. The way to choose the best idea for your event is to keep in mind two things. The first is the goal of the event and what you want to achieve from it? The second is the type of crowd. The crowd is the major factor in deciding what type of event you will be hosting. If it is a youth based crowd, the type of activities can be more high tempo in comparison to the old people or the elderly.

  • Budget

Second, comes the budget. Any interactive sports event needs a budget and some fundings. Make sure that you start collecting the funds early if you do not have the capability of funding the whole event yourself. Finding a good sponsor is tough and takes a lot of time. Make a foolproof blueprint of your event and tell them about each and every detail that will be involved in the interactive event. If possible partnered with them to accentuate the experience of the attendees.

When you have the money, start making a budget. Divide the money into the various parts of the plan and keep some emergency cash aside. Always try to cut cost as much as possible.

  • Type of activities involved

After setting the budget, you will have an idea of how much money you have for the activities that can be involved in the interactive event. Now an interactive event means that the audience will be participating in all the activities in one form or the other. So, see what sort of a crowd is attending the event and decide what you want to give them. If the attendees are a mix of different types of people, include various kinds of activities. The hosts that will be performing these activities should have a good command at the public speaking and should be captivating.

  • Venue

After the activities have been planned and you know the type and amount of people attending the event, it is time to find the perfect venue. For a sports interactive event, the place you need has to be big. The reason for it is simple, the people will be participating in various activities and they will need space for that. Also, the sporting activities tire people out. So, prefer open and well-ventilated spaces. Book a venue that has a lot of space and has all the facilities like electricity, seating area, good sound system etc. Make sure that the venue has changing rooms and proper washroom facilities.

  • Action plan and Volunteers

The action plan includes everything, from what activities will be included to how you will go about it. Make a step by step action plan that has all the pointers. Prepare the speech and the questions involved in the interactive event beforehand. Also, practice these things lots of time before the actual day of the interactive event.

The volunteers are the people that make an event successful. One person can not attend all the guests. So, make a team of your best volunteers and explain to them all the things that they have to do during the event.

  • Emergencies

Now, since it is a sporting event there are chances of injuries and mishappenings. So, keep an ambulance and medical services ready. Also, keep that emergency budget handy in case of such problems.

  • Marketing and Guests

The event will only be a success if there will be guests in it. So, marketing is very important. As we have always said, market your event on varying platforms. Since the guests are available on varying platforms you need to target different areas. Social media and email marketing are the two best platforms to publicize these events. But do not just limit yourself to these. Put up newspaper advertisements and hoardings to attract the right crowd.

If you have a set list of guests, send them printed invites through posts. Also, send them a copy of invites through email. So that they do not miss the invitations by any chance. Send the invites way as soon as you finalize the date and venue. Then after sometimes, send them a gentle reminder.

  • The Goals

Every event has a goal. If you are arranging an interactive event, you must have a goal that you have to reach by the end of the day. The goal could be anything from selling your products to adding members to your organizations to registering people for your services.

  • On the Day of the event

All the planning only matters when it is executed well on the day of the event. Now, be extra cautious about everything. Treat your guests with utmost importance. Appoint extra volunteers to attend the guests. Give free gifts or prizes to the people who win the competitions. Avoid any mishap by double checking and making the arrangements early.


Keep these points in mind and add some of your creative ideas to make your Interactive Sports Event a success.

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