How to Plan a Religious Event to Increase Congregation

Religious gatherings have always been an important way for the people of the community to interact and share their views. This is also a good way to increase awareness about the religious beliefs and other issues. In the ancient times, religious gatherings were the main source of knowledge and education. But with the new technologies and ideas surfacing all over the world, people’s interest in the religious affairs have become lesser and lesser. Only very few people that attend this kind of gatherings and most of them are from the older generation. There is a need to increase the congregation for these religious gatherings.

There are many ways for increasing the congregation but the most effective are the Religious events. The religious events have been tested and proven to increase the size of the gatherings and the believers three folds. The young adults are the future generation of our society and their awareness about their religion is the only way to keep the religion alive even in the future.

So, if you want to increase the congregation to your religious gatherings and do not know how to go about it. We can help you. Here is a guide to arrange a perfect religious event for your religion that is sure to attract a lot of attendees and increase your followers.

Type Of Event To Increase Your Congregation

The type of event differs for every community and religion. Every religion has their own types of celebrations and practices. So, decide what type of religious event will help you increase your congregation. The event can be anything from a casual one on one interactive event to a religious music concert to a fest. The event can also be a formal dinner party or a fundraiser. The fundraisers are a way to attract a huge amount of crowd. Even if the people have no interest in the religious activity, they might have a keen interest in the cause you are supporting. So, choose the type of event carefully.

Budget For The Event

Second, comes the budget for the event. No matter what type of religious event you wish to organize, a budget is very important. In most cases, a religious event is held by a religious institution that works on donation. So, for arranging a high or low profile religious event, you would want some donors and sponsors. Check the list of the people that attend your services regularly and inform them about your plans. Ask the interested people to pitch in some funds to help you raise some money. If your religious institute works under a trust, that is the place you can get the funding from. Just make sure that the budget is enough for the type of activities you plan to increase the congregation.

Plan For The Event

Every event no matter how big or small needs a proper plan. Make a crisp and precise plan. Divide the plan into various departments and give each department to the different people. This will help you complete the task easily and everything will be done perfectly. Start the planning and execution much earlier than the date of the event.

Pick out a date for the event as soon as the plan and budget have been cleared so that there is plenty of time to prepare and execute the plan. Also, keep a backup plan and some backup budget in case of some emergencies and mishappenings.

Go through all the pointers in your plan minutely to avoid any mistakes. This plan will make the basis of how successful your religious event will be and how much the congregation will increase.

Target Audience

Every religious group has a type of crowd. There are very rare chances that the people that belong to the same religious community will have differences in their personalities. There is one thing or the other that keeps them united and you need to find that out. Find out what interests these people and make all your arrangements accordingly. Also, consider the age of the people you target. The age is also a big deciding factor in the type of activities.

Goal and Purpose

There is always a goal and a purpose to any event. So, decide what your event is aimed at. Make an estimate of how many people should be added to the end of the event. If it is a fundraiser, decide the amount of money that have to be collected by the end of the event. Since the basis of the event is to increase the congregation, ask the people to register with you and then see how many of them attend the gatherings from the next time. Sometimes you have to wait for the results.

Venue And Date

The venue can make your event a success or a failure. So, decide carefully. Start the search for the venue before starting anything. Select the venue that is spacious and well ventilated. It is easily accessible and has all the amenities. The location does affect the number of attendees to your event.

Set your event on dates when people can be available to attend them. With career and other activities being much more prior to any religious events, no one is going to attend a religious event on a busy weekday. Try plan the date such that the people are free and the weather is suitable for all the outdoor activities.

Volunteers and Preachers

Volunteers and preachers or the speakers are also very important for making the event a success. What you tell the people and how you treat them will largely affect their thinking about you. Brief your speaker and your volunteers about the goals and the ways to treat your guests. If you treat them nicely, they will definitely want to come back.

Marketing and Invitations

How does one attract the crowd? The answer to this is ‘Marketing’. Make a foolproof marketing plan. Target the audience on different platforms. Social media is the best way to attract the people for your event. Do not forget the other forms of marketing such as print media, email marketing, and hoardings.

The best way to attract people to a religious event is through word of mouth marketing. People listen to their friends and family more than any other stranger or an advertisement. So, ask the followers to bring their friend and families to the religious event.


With these small points in mind, there is no way you will not be able to increase your congregation with a religious event.


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