5 Tips for Promoting an International Fest

Festivals are the oxygen of life. People rush to a certain international fest, only to get some freshness. Our busy life gives us really less time for ourselves. So, we really enjoy a place or event where we can sing, dance, roam about and enjoy a new way of life. But only a fest cannot attract people. People who live in other cities and even countries need some more attractions to spend money and time for the festival. Organizing an international festival is not easy due to these reasons. People need more reasons to visit another country only for a fest than only a break from normal life. Organizers need to understand this to promote their international fest properly in local area and abroad.

International fests are huge investment of money. The success of any event will depend on the response from people. The success of the present event will also help to assure the success of the next event. International fests are especially challenging due to the range of its investment and target. The more people come to the fest, the more successful it will be. It is necessary to reach to the people and lure them to travel to the fest. There are quite a few things that can make it sure. One of these ways is partnership. Getting into partnership with various businesses will help to promote the international fest in local and international markets. Not only this, but partnerships also helps in luring attendees.

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5 tips for promoting an international fest


There is no need to say that people will be approached personally. But you have to take help of something that will directly touch their imagination. Anyone will strive to have some great fun during the festive season. It is your duty to offer people this. Make them feel the action that will be there. Get stunning photos to use on the website, ticketing page and in everything. Make people feel that they will miss something really special on failing to attend this event. Creating the very first great impression is necessary and that can only be done with photos. Choose the perfect one to represent what to expect at this international fest. The photos can be taken for this purpose or can be collected from somewhere else. But these should be in compatible with the theme or essence of the festival.


When you choose a place for a festival, just taking the name is not enough for people. If it is a location that is famous, the name of the city or venue will attract enough people. But if it is a place that is not that famous still, you need to talk about it. You have to let people know about the place in a way that they get attracted. But words are not enough. Naming a beach and showing stunning photos of the place have completely different effects. May it be a beach or a hill top, telling people about it is necessary. Capture stunning photos of the location, tell about the surrounding places that are worth a visit. Make this photo available in your website and other promotional media so that these can reach people easily. This will make people aware about the location you have chosen for the upcoming international fest. The more beautiful and detailed description you can offer the better idea people will get. Though organizing a fest at a whole new place may be challenging, it can be turned into an actual reason of attraction. People, who love to travel to new places, will be attracted. This will be a great chance for them to attend a fest and at the same time visit a new place.

Partnership with local people:

This one is necessary. It is necessary to promote the fest both in international and local market. But you may not be able to do it in your locality all alone. Get local people with you. Build up partnership with brands, agencies and artists. They will be happy to be a part of such a fest of international level and they will be benefited. So, there are reasons for them to get involved. In return, they will promote the international fest to their loyal followers. Your fest will much easily reach local people. Choose partners wisely and build partnership carefully so that both of you can benefit from this.


When it is an international fest, people will arrive from local area, other cities and also other countries. It will not be easy for people out of the town and country to travel in the city. Build partnership with local travel and transportation agencies. Get them work for your event. This will help people to travel within the city and get to the venue easily. When you get into a partnership, it will be easy to arrange for discounts. Mention these discounts when you promote the fest and also in your website. People are likely to be more attracted to your festival when they will get discounts on traveling. Local people will get some business due to your festival so they will be happily involved in this. The same thing can be done with airlines to make airfare attractive enough for people arriving from other towns and countries.


When people are travelling to the venue, they will also need to stay. Just like discounted travelling attracts people, discounted accommodations also lure people. Working together with local hotels will offer accommodation at a discounted price. The hotels will do good business due to the arrival of both national and international attendees. Working with hotels with different price range is necessary. People will be able to choose hotels according to their budget. When both accommodation and travelling will get cheaper for the festival attendees, people are likely to grab this opportunity without fail. These business ideas will definitely bring more people to the fest to make it a huge success.

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