How to Find Event Speakers to Attract Attendees?

Success of a seminar or an event depends on the experience of attendees. And in an event where you are going to bring speakers, you need to focus on the performance of these people as they play a major role in making the event successful. It is the ability of the organizer that ensures securing of good speakers. Presence of speakers lures crowd to the venue. You need to find event speakers who will be perfect for the event and can help in achieving your goal. But finding speakers is not easy. And if you manage to find, securing them for your seminar or event is necessary. If you fail to get such talents, worth of the event will be put to question. In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to find and secure event speakers for the next seminar.

event speakers

Find and secure event speakers


Speakers are brand ambassadors. So, it is necessary to chalk out your requirements in a speaker even before you sit to find them out. The very first thing is to keep in mind the basic topic or subject of the event. This will help you to decide what kind of an experience you want the attendees to have. Choose panelists and speakers who can meet the expectations of the audience. Such events are usually interactive. If it is one such, you must find people who can answer the attendees on the particular subject. Getting speakers who can lure people are better. The quality of any good speaker is to build a relation of trust with the audience. They can even get new ones to register for the event. Event speakers with a good reputation will definitely be able to connect easily with people and attract new audience. A strong and healthy social media presence also helps.

The audience is coming with some expectation in mind and a speaker must cross this expected level, and should never fall short. This can hamper the purpose. So while choosing speakers, it is necessary to choose people who can inspire and entertain people at the same time.

Speakers of events usually fall under two categories. Either they are people who are well known in the public sphere or they are experts. Celebrities are popular and they usually attract a lot of people to a venue. Their presence in itself is an attraction. On the other hand, you can bring people who are experts. They may not be as popular in the public sphere but in the industry. These specialized speakers are worth of the investment as they can quench the thirst of people with answers to any question.

A wish list:

When you choose speakers keep in mind that they must fit into your agenda. It is not that bringing popular people can do the job all the time; rather meeting the agenda is also important. So, it is important to focus on the process of finding speakers for the event. Evaluation of the speaker will ultimately help you to decide whom to approach. Your method of searching for speakers will impact the quality of the speakers. If the same sources are used over and over, it is quite normal that the options will become limited. Go for different sources to get access to other speakers. Writing the name and information is not enough. One must also note down the ways to find them. This will help you to choose the best sources for the event. You will also get new talents or better speakers for the event you are organizing.

Prioritize the wish list:

A wish list must be created with some strategies. You cannot offer the opportunity to someone who cannot meet your requirements. There are some things that should rule the choice and arrangements of the speakers. You have to provide time to each speaker in order to speak and also to interact with the audience. So, the time division must be prepared. According to the number of slot, speakers must be chosen. It is also necessary to decide how many session speaker, keynote speaker and panelists you need.

event speakers

People who are coming to attend the seminar will definitely search for a good experience. This can be done only by the help of proper arrangements. According to the quality of the speakers, they must be categorized as first, second and respectively. In the beginning it is wise not to bring someone who is a center of attraction. You need to keep people hooked to the chairs for the session. Placing them properly will help to do that. The session after lunch must be an energetic one to keep people awake.

There are many rising stars in this field. They usually are quite popular due to being rising sensation. They will also be good for the budget. While one needs to spend quite a lot of sum on a well-known speaker or celebrity, a rising star can be secured at a lesser price. People are always eager to listen to these new speakers.

Secure them:

When you finally find the star to grace the event, secure them for it. They are also professional people who remain busy. A polite and patient approach can win the game. Decide how many phone calls and e-mails can be sent to the person. Once the person responses positively, speak out clear. Never hold back anything. Let the speaker know the theme and topic of the event. Make the topic on which you want him or her to speak clear to him. Put forward all requirements, the audience and their expectation before the speaker and ask if the person is comfortable with the whole thing. Never assume anything. It is always better t discuss clearly and sort things out.

This clear discussion is even more necessary in case of the speaker charge. Usually, speakers charge for the session and travel, accommodation and AV equipment is not included in this.

By following these tips an event can get good speakers and increase the number of attendees.


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