Advice for Hosting a Promotional Event to Increase Sales

There comes a time in the career of every company that their sales drop down a lot. This is the time extra work in every direction has to be done in order to make the sales up to the mark. There are many strategies and plans that need to be applied to the marketing strategy for this to happen. Even if the company is not under loss there are times when there is a need to increase the sales. For the new companies who have just started providing consumers with services, the increase in sales can be a very big breakthrough. One of the best marketing strategies to boost up the sales can be hosting an event.

An event can be of any type from a basic promotional event to a music concert to a fundraiser or a conference. Events are the best way to connect to the customers the old and even the new potential ones.

If you are confused about how to go about hosting an event that can increase your shopping sales, we have some tips for you. These pointers can be a huge help if you are new to this and this is your first time hosting an event.


Hosting a Promotional Event- How?

Hosting a promotional event is not very difficult. However, hosting a successful promotional event that does increase your sales can be a little tough to manage. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Know your customer

The first thing you need to do is to know what your customer base is all about. Every company usually targets one section of the society and this is the section that makes most of their profits. So, decide on an event that would interest the people that make the majority of your present customer base. Hosting an event for the youth is very different than hosting an event for the elderly. So, make a rough estimate of what kind of people does your brand or your company attracts and plan something to lure them in. This might even get you some new customers along with impressing the old ones.

  • Give Discounts

Nothing is more attractive than a discount or a complimentary gift. So plan some discount offers that can be showcased in your event and market them properly. Give your permanent or loyal customers some credits or loyalty vouchers so that they feel appreciated. Increasing and keeping the sales coming frequently are the two very different things. But, these are interlinked. If the permanent customer is impressed, they will utilize your services forever, this will maintain your sales and profits. In addition to this, they will publicize you for free, in turn attracting more customers to your business.

In addition to this giving discounts on your products can attract a lot of people to try out your stuff and become your valued customer. Try and put some of your best pieces and services on discounts for such events so that the first time customers are impressed.

  • Invite Celebrities

The celebrities are very helpful in making any event a success. So, if you have a budget, calling a celebrity to your event is very good idea. Many companies try and add some bloggers and youth famous personalities to their customer lists. These famous people do have a fan following and can attract new customers to your business. Ask these personalities to attend the event that you are hosting and publicize it on their social media to attract an even bigger crowd. However, asking a big celebrity to attend the event is the best thing to do.

  • Use Social Media

Social media is free marketing. So, make use of the social media as much as possible. Publicize your event on the social media and attract a lot of consumers. When the people do attend your event, try to explain the values and causes of your event and what services you are best at. Treat each and every attendee with a lot of respect and importance. Each attendee is your potential permanent customer. Live stream the event on your social media page. Ask the attendees to live stream the event on their social media page. 


Hosting a Promotional Event- When?


The timing for hosting a promotional event also plays a huge role in it being successful or not. Your aim is to attract the most customers possible and this can not happen when the public is not available to shop or attend. So, try and follow the following tips on hosting a promotional event:

  • Holidays

Holidays are the time when everyone is free and is looking for some kind of entertainment source. If your target audience is the youth going to schools and colleges. Summer or winter breaks are the best time for hosting an event. The children are free and mostly active on the social media. So your social media marketing will also be successful.

  • Weekends

Now, to attract the office goers weekends are the best time. These are the two days when these people are free and can be a part of any activity. Make sure to put up discounts during these days so that most people attend the event or your venue to make the most of it.

  • Festivals

The festive season is a time when all the people are looking to buy different things for themselves or their relatives and friends. This is mostly the time when the sales go up. This is also the best time to host a promotional event. If you have to launch a new product, there can not be a better time than this. Hosting a promotional event of any kind can attract a large number of crowd to your venue. All you need to do is market it well. People are looking for offers on many things during these times and this is the best time to get your sales up.

It is not always important to host the events on the normal festivals. put up offers on small festivals. This will not only attract the crowd celebrating the festival but will also attract the people who are looking for an off-season offer or event.


With these small things in mind, hosting a successful promotional event would be a walk in the park. The main thing to remember is to treat the customer as the first priority and give them utmost importance.

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