How To Host A Radio Show -Planning & Execution !

Radio show

Radio is one of the oldest technology which is still in trend in the present world. Through this one can reach or contact with wide audience in both local areas and across the country. In radio show you can telecast music, interviews, stories, journalism, or any other audio content which is created by an audio DJ or host. And to organize a successful radio show you have to make yourself get involved in this varied and exciting field. For that you have to do a proper and systematic planning.

1) First contact the local radio stations :

At first try to contact to the near by or local radio stations. And ask them if they have any position left vacant as host in any of the main program. Or else you have that much of budget than you can contact for buying the air time. You can discuss with them about the type of radio show you want to organize. And their process or rules and regulations for hosting the new radio show. Fix a day with time each week so that you can increase your listener numbers who want to hear you. But in case you are planning for a DJ type radio and play music, songs, than contact the type of radio which does this.

2) Record your own show for online broadcast :

Record your own radio show one with all the equipment’s you are having and broadcast it online. So that you will come to know about the potential of listeners in around the world. You can even do live show online or else if possible try to make it available through podcast service.  Podcast is a perfect idea to host a radio show where you can record, edit and after that broadcast it online. And this process is going to bring success for your radio show.

3) Enter you show into a contest :

With all the available equipment’s record your own radio show. Which you can edit and than broadcast it online. And if you want you can even submit it to any contest. This is the only chance to broadcast it in any of the popular radio station. And through this you will even collect your large number of audience. You can even submit it to any ongoing podcast service also.

4) Listen to other show :

Listen to as many shows as possible of the type in which you are interested. By this you will come to learn many things. This will helpful as a guide in the things that you want to do. Pay a keen attention to each and everything in the show. Take a note of everything and you can even make changes that you dislike it. This will keep you engaged and make a habit of listening.

5) Make a checklist of the basic components :

Note down all the basic information that are required for you in hosting the radio show. Make a checklist of main key elements like the name or title of show, objective or main goal, theme, schedule, number of audience, show elements and most important is publicity or advertising of the show.

6)  Write a script for your show :

Write you script for your show in which you will write what you want to say during the show. It can include questioning type, or narrative or wrap one between sets of songs. You can write basic outline or detailed script according to your comfort. Which you will able to understand just by seeing it during the show in time of need.

7) Getting used to with the equipment :

First find out what all equipment are required for recording and broadcasting the show. After that try to learn all the functions of the equipment like speaker, microphone, sound mixer etc. If possible take a tutorial of it so that it will make you feel confident during operating it in the show. Try to acknowledge that much of knowledge about the equipment so that you can fix small issues or problems that will come across during broadcast.

8) Speak properly on live broadcast :

If you are doing live broadcast instead of podcast be very careful while speaking. Speak slowly with proper language so that listeners can understand easily without much difficulties. Follow the proper guidelines on the show and also follow the content properly so that you can achieve your targeted audience. And if in any case something goes wrong, than learn to know how to manage it by playing music or song or moving to another segment.

9) Announce the station call sign and frequency :

Every time on the start of the show always first remember to announce the name or title of the show. And all the basic information about the station like frequency, call sign etc. This will help the listeners to get tune any time during the show segment and also in identifying what they are listening to. This will help in increasing the number of listeners of your show and also for publicity purpose in social media, blogs etc.

10) Online broadcasting :

Doing online broadcast through the process of podcast. In this you can do offline recording of your audio with the help the available equipment. Or else you can even record just with the help of your phone or computer microphone. If your are recording with the help of equipment than sync it with your computer or any editing device. So that there will no issue of transferring the file for editing purpose.

11) Editing and Sharing your show :

It is the last step of broadcast. After completion of your recording transfer it for editing purpose. Download a editing app where you can edit, cut, move, change and add effects. After editing before broadcasting keep a copy of it saved. So that if in case you lose it than it will helpful for you in need of requirement. After that you can share it through social media sites, blog or website. Don’t upload it all together, upload episode after episode which will great excitement and anxiety between the listeners.


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