How To Host A Game Show-Planning & Execution!

Game show

Game show is the best way to have fun with family and friends. Hosting a game show is a easy task but there are some things which are important  to note if you  are doing it for first time. Doing preparations before the game is as important as maintaining it throughout the show. All that you need to do is check the equipment’s, interact with players, make sure players follow the rules, and behave casually and friendly manner.

1) Organizing a game show party at home :

At first host a game show party at your home, it cannot be that big. But still there is no issue in getting practice and no one will stop also. All that you have to do is to invite your friends for some special theme party. And run a live game show which will entertainment them. You might not able to reward the winner with money. But within your budget you can give some moderate prize. This is the good way to mix up the normal dinner party where everyone can hangout. And it will give you low pressure to test your hosting skill.

2) Host a game show event for local charity :

There are also other ways by which you can practice your hosting skill. And you can even volunteer as host to any event hosted by any organizer. By hosting any event you will get chance to access with larger audience and  budget. This is not possible in case of organizing party. As host you can include the night game show for fundraiser purpose in any organization. And the prizes will donated by the business and proceeds going through a special cause.

3) Browse for professional host jobs :

In most of the cases the hosts of the game shows are hired solely on bases of their personality. Sometime there is necessity of having degree or interest in acting or TV production. You can get a job as a crew in any game show that will eventually lead to hosting job. And if your serious about this profession. Than you can call and contact and try to know the requirements required for hosting job in any game show. The best place to start this profession is from business and gain experience. But you not able to visible in TV etc. And for gaining experience you can start your work from small parties, hosting games and challenges specially for kids.

4) Have a check of all facts and information for accuracy :

If you want to create any type of puzzle or question or prompts based on the game shoe than very careful about it . And have every accurate information about it. Have a accuracy and clarity of the question that you want to ask in the game show. And to every questions make sure that there is only one correct answer clearly and understandable without any confusion. 

5) Go through the material that you will say in the show :

Going through the question, answers and the other scripts related to the show before the show starts is the most important part of hosting. Read each and everything properly and ensure that you don’t stumble and sound confused during the game show. In this process there will  cases where you need to memorize the script sometimes. Instead of reading you can even rehearsal the whole show with the players. So that the feeling of whole show will come in a flow. This is the good idea for better representation.

6) Learn how to pronounce the contestants’ name :

Just before the game show starts have a interaction with the contestants’. And ask each and everyone the pronounce of their name. It is just a type of rehearsal so that you don’t mispronounce their names during the show. And if in case you do so that it will very annoying during the show. Prepare yourself with some physical or mental notes related to pronounce which will helpful during the show.

7) Check all equipment before the show :

Check all the equipment like microphones, speakers, buzzers, screens and sound systems used in the show from beforehand. So that there will no problem or defect in the middle of the show. And if there is any use of props or any set pieces, make sure to check that whether they are set in proper place or not. Other than they can easily movable or not in time of requirement.

8) Search a co-host partner with you :

Every game show has co-host partner as it cannot handled by single person. For every departments they should have separate host. And you will also get a partner for helping you and. Your work will get divided equally between two without too much of stress and pressure. At first have all the information related to show. After that you can appoint that many people for help, so that whole game show goes smoothly and successfully.

9) Introducing the game show and their rules :

The first stage is to introduce the game show to everyone. And let everyone to know about the rule and regulation of the games. So that they will feel familiar and will able to understand  what is going in the game. Understand the whole process of the game from starting to the end to all the players. So that they will get to know how to play and what to do throughout the game show.

10) How to  win and what is the prize :

Every game has it’s rules which differs from each other. So explain the rules to the contestant and make him understand how can he win. Tell him what need to done to win the show. And also announce about the prize money for the winner or top players of the game.

After that time to time or after each round you can remind them about the points gained by them . By this process one will come to know each other scores. And you can increase the competition level between the players. And other than that the top scorer will try to do more better or maintain is position. Whereas the low scorer will try to score more and compete with the topper. A best host is the one who will always have fun with the players and create a refreshing and enjoyable surrounding. So that players will play it very interestingly without getting bored in too much seriousness. And also always try to motivate and encourage the players who is back in the game. This is how you can become a best host and host a game show.

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