Garden Party – Plan And Execute!

Garden party is all about outdoor gathering with family or friends or relatives by taking garden as a theme. These parties are usually organised during spring season because of the good weather and flowers blooms. It is not necessary to have a garden in order to organize a garden party. But still you can have a garden party outside. Plan for it properly and make sure it goes successful.

 1) Deciding a location for garden party :

If you want to organize your garden party outside or outdoor. Set it up in your house backyard, park, or any garden. While choosing the venue keep in mind about the surrounding scenes and views. The location has to one level, plain enough, clean so that there is enough place for comfortable seating.

2) Setting the lights for the party :

If your are organizing your garden party during evening or night time. Than decorate the whole garden with soft and romantic lights, which will create a mood or atmosphere of the party type. You can even decorate with beautiful lanterns or  outdoor string lights with flowers and others amends. You can even decorate with candles to create soft lighting. Torches, floating candles, lights are also best idea. Lighting can used for the pathway direction in the whole party.

3) Choosing color scheme :

At first choose two to three color that you can use for your party color scheme. You can choose bright color or dark color according to your comfort or choice. You can coordinate the color scheme with the party decoration, tables, chairs, lights, tableware, and all other accessories of the party.

4) Setting tables and chairs :

Set the chairs and tables in the venue space before the party. You can set any types of chairs and tables that you have inside the house and outside in the patio. If in any case you are not having sufficient chairs and tables than you can rent from party or any event stores for party purpose. Set enough number of chairs and tables for all the guests in sufficient amount. If require you can set the whole venue with blankets and pillows and make your garden party picnic style.

5) Decorating the table :

At first you can decorate the table with table cloth which will coordinate with the color scheme. You can choose any fabric material table cloth according you choice and budget. In the center of the table as centerpiece you can use flower vase or flowers in distilled water or with floating candles or candle stand or small standing candle lamps.

6) Measure related to bugs :

No matter how perfectly you plan for the garden party, how much delicious food you make, set good music or have fun games and entertainment. It is not going to stop bugs from disturbing or irritating your guests. For this you have to take measure steps from making bugs to stop inviting themselves to the party. Keep all the food and drink items covered with lids or else keep it inside the house only. Set the whole party with citronella candles and bug zappers to keep the bugs away from the party.

7) Planning for the food :

Have proper menu of the food for your garden party. Set your grill ready outdoor space of the venue before the party. If you want to grill any food it is the best idea. Have enough propane and all the food that you want to grill ready. Have side dishes ready for your garden party. It can be salads, fruits, or cucumber  salads. It will be best idea for the guests so that can eat while mingling. Along with that you can also have the main course. And lastly set your dessert ready for the guest on the dessert stand from before hand. If you want you can make at home or buy from store. It can include sweet, cup cakes, ice creams or anything of guests choice. And also get ready with welcome drinks, and other refreshment drinks. You can also serve cold alcoholic drinks like mojitos and margaritas.

8) Setting of music :

Get ready with the mixed CD having all the songs of your choice and which will liked by guests as well. Make  playlist from before the party so that there will no issue during the party. The playlist should suit with the atmosphere of the party. You can choose any type of music like classical, romantic, pop, electronic, country or even of nature sounds. Along with music keep the music system or speakers also ready. Check them before the party are they working properly and are loud enough for party ya not. Have enough extension cords  so that you can set them in proper space you want. Or else in alternative have wireless speakers.

9) Setting games for the party :

Get ready with some games which will add some fun and entertainment in the party. You can set outdoor games as well like badminton, miniature golf, boccie and many others games. The guests can enjoy it during the party.

10) Setting photo-booth :

You can even set homemade or store bought photo-booth in the venue of the party for the guests. You can only hand backdrops and have photo-booth props like glasses, scarves, or signs. Guests can use their personal cameras or phones or else you can even set camera tripod for clicking their pictures with family and friends. It is also a part of party. All this will draw the attention of guests eyes and they are keep themselves busy and entertained without getting bored in the whole party.

After planning for the whole party. Get yourself ready for the party with coordination to the color scheme of the party. After that get ready to welcome the guests in the venue. Enjoy yourselves and entertain your guests as well. Take proper care after each and every guests. And greet them well in the whole party till the end. And along with that enjoying playing games, listening to music, dancing and have  good healthy delicious food and drinks.






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