How to Pick the Best Venue for a Fundraising Event

Fundraisers by definition are the events that are organized to raise money from volunteers for a cause or an organization. The fundraising events are usually hosted by nonprofit organizations that do not have a permanent source of income. The members pool in money to keep it working. But, at times there is a need for a lot of funding to help the cause these organizations support. This leads to fundraising.

Now, fundraising events might sound easy to host, but in reality are a lot of work. Since the event has to be arranged in a constricted budget, new ways to cut down the cost for everything need to be thought of. Giving the best event on a very small budget gets daunting at times. The venue is one aspect of s fundraiser that costs a lot of money. Hence, arranging a fundraising event at a free venue is what organizations usually prefer. Getting a free venue is not always possible if the fundraiser is at a huge scale, so other things can be done. Arrange some interesting activities for the fundraiser and sell tickets for them. Tie up with a local company to help them get publicity and split the cost of the venue. Once you have the funding you can proceed further with the planning.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before selecting the perfect venue for your fundraising event:

  • Number of Guests Invited At The Fundraising

Make a list of the guest that will be attending the event. The number of attendees decides the size of the venue. If there is no specified guest list, make a rough estimate of how many people are to attend the fundraiser. Do all the planning accordingly.

  • Size of the Place For The Fundraising

Select a place that can appropriately accommodate all the at one time. Choose a place with a lot of space for stalls and other activities. Good ambiance and spacious venues are very important for a successful fundraising event.

  • Location For The Fundraising Event

The next thing is the location. Choose a location that is easily accessible from most part of the city or town. There should be no problem for you to explain the venue to the guest while inviting them. Easily accessible locations mean more guests and a better success rate.

  • Amenities

The fundraiser will require a lot of amenities like chairs and tables, electricity, sound systems, dining area etc. select the one that has everything that you need for your event. Make a prior list of the essential things that you cannot do without at the fundraiser and seek a venue accordingly.

  • Parking

A parking space is very important. Since a lot of people will be attending the event and most of them will come in their own vehicles. So, prefer a big parking space, either in or around the venue.

  • Price

The last thing after finalizing is the price. Although, do not visit the venues that you think are way beyond your budget. Only go to the venues that you are able to afford. List down a few options and then go on checking the prices. Negotiate well with the owner so that you get the best venue for the best price.


Here are a few examples where you can successfully host your fundraising event:


  • Your space

This is the free venue you get. Make your office or your backyard or a friend’s office/house your venue. This works best for a small-scale fundraiser where only a set number of attendees are present. Office spaces are usually big enough to host a small to medium size event. The advantage to this is that you will cut down the cost of a lot of things and planning is done better.

  • Parks and Gardens

Big fundraising events can be organized in the public parks and gardens. Take the permission from the authorities beforehand. Ask about any restrictions that are to the property. This is a sure way to ensure a hassle free time. Parks and gardens are huge spaces with endless possibility. However, make sure the weather is pleasant and be ready for any kind of natural phenomenon. Prepare yourself for an unannounced rain or a lot of heat. The only setback of an outdoor fundraiser is the weather.  

  • Community centers

Community centers and government run places. There have a very less booking cost and are perfect to hold a small or big fundraising event. Places like school auditoriums and playgrounds are also suitable. Check the dates and book them in advance so that your event does not clash with any other event. However, these places do not come with lots of amenities and you have to make a lot of arrangements.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants and eateries are also great places to host a small-scale fundraising event. Either book or tie up with the restaurant. This can be a good way of publicity for the eatery and a good space for you to talk about your cause. Provide the guests with some refreshments made in the restaurant or eatery itself. Make sure the place has an area where the guests can easily accommodate. Establish a good relationship with the owners and workers or the restaurants for a better service. Since these people will be the ones to look for in cases of an emergency or mishappening during the event.

  • Public Places

If the fundraising event is very small and requires very little space, opt for public places like malls, building complexes, and tourists spots. The reason for this is that people at these places are already spending money and they will always be available with cash or checkbooks. The active donors are easily available here. If you want new people to know about your organization, host a small event at these places. Set up a few volunteers to attract the people and explain them the details of the event.


These are some of the places a successful fundraising event can be held. Keep all the above points in mind while choosing a venue. Good and bad venues play a big role in making the event a success or a failure.

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