How to Host a Fundraiser Successfully

Fundraisers are a very good way to raise money for an organization. Although they are a great way to make money, sometimes they can be really costly and time taking. The amount of money or funds raised completely depends on the successful executions of the event. The more the people like your event, the more they are willing to invest. The basis of a successful fundraiser is a foolproof plan.

The main thing to keep in mind during a fundraiser is that it should properly depict the cause for which you are working and the people should have fun while at it. This is a chance to educate the people about your cause. It solves the problem you are fighting for to a great extent.

For the new companies and organizations, planning a fundraiser can be very daunting. Hence, we have created a step by step guide to planning a successful fundraiser for your organization. The steps are:

Detailed Plan Of Action

The first and foremost thing to do while planning a fundraising event or any event, as a matter of fact, is to make a detailed plan of action. This plan of action should include hows, whys, whats and whos of the event. Decide the cause to support. Make sure to do a detailed study of every aspect of that cause. Second is to set up a team of members to make the outline for everything that needs to be done in the event and who will be taking what responsibility. This will give you a clear idea of how the fundraiser will proceed and how much budget will be required.

Budget Of The Fundraiser

Another big aspect of a fundraiser is the budget. The budget will decide everything that can be done in the fundraising event. Sit down and note down the exact amount of money. Check your plan of action and divide the funds amongst each activity smartly. No activity should fall short of funding. Also, prioritize your activities and be ready to compromise on some things. A fundraising event needs funds that are either provided by one big donor or a group of donors. Discuss the end results of your budgeting with them. After their approval, proceed with the further planning.

Include your fundraising goals also in the budget. Fundraising goals are the amount of money that you are planning to raise. The amount raised is calculated after deducting the cost of the event. Hence, plan accordingly.

Theme Of The Fundraiser

After the budget comes to the theme of the fundraiser. So, the theme of the fundraiser can be anything. See what can help you attract the most crowd. The theme can be a house party or a musical event or a contest of some type and much more. It is important to note that the theme should go in sync with the cause. In addition to the type of event, theme planning also means to plan what activities will be taking place. If there has to be a contest, how do you go about it? Putting up stalls? What should they be like? Small things like this make a very big difference.

Venue Of The Fundraiser

Next on the checklist is the venue. Make sure that the venue is sufficient to accommodate the number of attendees. Also, make sure the location is accessible easily from the city or town. Check all the amenities provided by the venue manager. Do not settle for a venue without proper research of the other places around you. You do not want to miss out on the other cheaper options. Make sure that the venue is spacious and well ventilated and the guest does not feel jam packed. 

Type of Audience

Is the guest list exclusive? Are the guest invited from a specific group of the society? Or the general public. The theme of the event should be and what amenities are required to make them comfortable? These are the questions that need to be answered before planning any event. Make a proper list of the guests that are to attend the fundraiser. The audience to a great extent determine what the


Decide catering and food services with the venue and the theme. Decide the catering services in accordance to the theme of the event. Another factor in deciding the culinary of a fundraiser is the time duration of the fundraiser. Fundraiser for a time duration of less that a couple of hours, requires a lesser amount of food and drinks. If the fundraiser stretches for a time duration more than that, you need more variety of foods and services. Catering also includes how the cutlery and crockery along with a good personal service to the guests.


Fundraisers are like a new product launched by a company, they need marketing. Do a lot of marketing before the fundraiser to attract the target audience. So, a separate marketing plan needs to be drawn up and executed. Make a team separately that handles marketing. The best way to market a fundraiser is on social media sites. Start the marketing early so that you can reach as many people possible. As the event gets closer start the gorilla marketing. This means start applying every tactic to attract the potential donor. Marketing of done properly can help you break the fundraising goal limit easily.  

Last Minute Check

When the fundraiser is close by, do a cross check of all the things. Make sure all your reservations are available and there have been no changes in it. Call up the venue to discuss the plan over again. Furthermore, tell them all the details again.  Check with all the staff, volunteers, vendors and especially the contributors. Always keep a backup plan ready for the time’s anything goes wrong. This ensures ultimate success.

After The Event

The job is just not till the event starts and proceeds. The real job is after the end of the event. Also, thank every guest for attending no matter how big their donation has been. Keep them happy by sending them, thank you emails and giving them a token of appreciation. This  also builds a good relation with the person and adds him to your list of permanent contributors.


In conclusion, follow these easy steps and as a result you are sure to have one amazing and super successful fundraiser for your organization even if you are a beginner.

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