How to Attract the Right Crowd for a Fundraiser


Attracting the right kind of crowd for a fundraiser is the most important factor for its success. The main motive of a fundraiser is to collect as many funds possible for the cause. The better the crowd, the more will be the collection of funding. For most people especially nonprofits and small companies, fundraisers are scary and complicated tasks that they rarely want to take up. Although it is not that tough. To simplify it, it is just one person asking the other person to help the cause you are fighting for. Not many techniques work in doing this, all you need is the heart of the person. There are potential donors everywhere but to think of effective ways to attract them is a little difficult.

Here we give you the most effective ways to attract the right crowd for your fundraiser:

  • Publicize well

Publicity is the most well known and widely used way to attract the crowd to any social event. But to attract the right kind of people, the right kind of publicity is required. Now, the question arises, what is the right kind of publicity? So, the right kind of publicity is that targets only the people that can potentially invest in your fundraiser. Make a plan and try to figure out the type of people interested in the cause you are hosting a fundraiser for. Once you have figured out the type of people, start publicizing the event in the places they live or work. Ask them to attend your event and give their contribution.

The team can also put up stalls and skits to attract the potential donors. Make sure to appropriately explain what cause you are associated with and how will you help with that collected money. At Least 50% of your attendees should be from this targeted section of the society. However, as already said, there can be a potential donor anywhere. So, the make sure to do the rest of the publicity at public places like malls and places where the working section of the society usually goes. These are the people that are most likely to invest.

Another way of publicity is the social media. Create a page of your organization and keep posting videos, pictures, and articles about the cause you support. Make a list of your followers and send them personal invitations through messages or post to attend the event. These people are the ones that actually support the cause and will definitely step up to donate.

  • Give realistic Results of the fundraiser

Most of the big donors do not believe in what you are collecting the money for, they believe in the realistic results and the impact their donation is making. Also, the normal people before going to a fundraiser want to make sure that the event is not a scam. Many non-profit organizations fool the people into giving their money and later turn out to be a scam. With the accessibility of news to the people all over the world, they do every kind of research before choosing something. You do not have to provide a detailed description with statistics but pictures and videos can be really helpful in making people trust you.

In addition to all this, make sure that your website or social media channel has all the links and information about the work that you are doing and how it is affecting the people. Draw the people in through emotions and stories. Put up real stories of the people suffering and how they can be helped, on your social media channels. Constantly keep updating your day to day work for people to see. This in long-term help you build some permanent funders for your fundraiser.

  • Charity begins at home

Set an example for the people by starting donating yourself. To attract the like-minded people to join your cause and be a part of your fundraiser, the founders and members need to put in some funds to the organization. Use the fund on the cause and show the other people how such a small gesture of yours is helping the cause.

  • Email Marketing

Use email as a tool to selectively invite and interest people in your fundraiser. Make a list of the people that you think can be potential donors and send them personal emails about the updates of your work and events. Ask them to join you. Another was is to create chain emails. These are the emails that have a message to forward to other people. Sent the mail to one person, he might forward it to some more people, increasing your attendees. In addition to this keep sending newsletters and wishes through email to the special members, so that they stay interested.

  • Give something in return

Most people want recognition for the amount they have donated. You can honor these donors and give them a token of appreciation in the form of a certificate or a memento. Also, include the names of these people on your social media channels. This is a sure shot way to attract more such people to a fundraiser. Apart from this, you can also take these people to the sites where you work and let them experience it for themselves.

  • Try and arrange for an activity

Apart from the normal fundraiser get together, arrange for small games and activities. Invite a guest speaker to speak on the topic. If the speaker is famous, it would attract even more people. Another way is to tie up with companies and organizations that need publicity. This can be a two-way street. Their customers can become your funders and your attendees can help them build their customer base. These companies can also help you arrange for some discount coupons and discount offers for your donors. Gift these to them as a token of appreciation.


With these small points, you can successfully attract the right kind of crowd for your fundraiser and collect a good amount of donation to help you support the cause you are working for.

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