How to Publicize your Event for Free on Social Media

An event whether big or small is only successful when the attendees love it. For the attendees to like the event, it is important to have the attendees. To organize an event, the organizer has to go through a lot of stages and steps of preparations. After all the preparations are done, the most important step is attracting the right crowd. To attract the crowd, a well-thought free marketing plan is needed. A special team has to be set up to reach out to the people and educate them about the event that you are organizing.

Marketing does not come free and can cost a fortune that takes up a huge chunk of your budget. This is a big problem for the organizers on a strict budget. You have to arrange for money separately to put on marketing because it is one step that can not be missed. People keep searching for ways to cut marketing costs and still grab the attention of the huge crowd. Social media marketing is one such technique that can help you cut a lot of cost from your marketing budget and publicize your event for free.

Almost all the people in the world are familiar with the social media and most of the younger and a huge chunk of older generation use it. It is slowly becoming a part and parcel of our lives and most of the activities happen only on the internet. So, there is no better place to publicize your event than social media. Here is how you can do it:

Start The Free Event Publicity Early

The earlier you start the better it is. Social media is a free platform to promote your event and the news spreads really fast on social media but even then you need to start the promotions really early. Also, do not think that anything you put on social media will attract the people to you. You need to have a decent plan before doing anything. Make sure you have a logo and an interesting name for your event so that it can be used for publicity.

Create An Account

Go to each and every social media page including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and much more and create an interesting looking page. Make sure the information given on all your social media pages is similar. Also, link each and every page to each other so that the people can visit the main site through the others. If you have an event website or an event blog link it all with your other social media pages. Make sure the profile images and descriptions are catchy and attractive.

Create A Hashtag

Create an interesting hashtag to go with your events name. The hashtag should be creative and describe your event in two to three words. Once you have decided a hashtag publicize it as much as possible. Post pictures and interesting content with the hashtag. Ask the people to post things with the hashtag. The hashtags can be used on various platforms. Tag as many people as possible.

Do not forget any social media

There are numerous free social media sites. Do not forget to register yourself on any of these. Each of these sites will require a different kind of content. Different types of people prefer different sites. For example, some people would prefer twitter, some Instagram, some Facebook. Register your event on all of these and post interesting content on each.

Post Interesting Things

Once all free social media accounts are set, it’s time to keep the audience interested. Create interesting posts such as videos and memes and keep posting them with your hashtag. Ask the people to repost them with the same hashtag so that not only the post gets viral but also your event will receive free publicity. Just consider the kind of audience you are targeting and design everything accordingly. Use proper graphics and interesting colors to make your posts catchy.

Ask The Performers To Publicize

If you have famous celebrities or famous people performing in your event, ask them to promote the event on their respective social media sites. They have their own followers and these will now automatically follow your event for free.

Host Contests

Interesting contests are a great way to attract the attendees for free. Put up a small contest and post the images of the winners on your social media pages. You can also give them a free ticket or discount on the tickets. Social media shoutouts are one of the most famous free publicity tricks and can be really helpful. These small contests will keep the people engaged and interested in your page.

Live Videos and Behind The Scenes

Everyone wants to see what their favorite celebrities are doing. So putting up live videos or behind the scene, videos and pictures of the performers are the best way to attract the crowd. You can also set up a live question and answer session with the people over Instagram or facebook with the celebrities. Also, posting pictures of the arrangements is also a good idea to keep the people excited.

Use Email Marketing

Make a database of the people you think might be interested in your event. Design an email or a newsletter and mail it to them regularly. Put the link to your site and other social media accounts in your email so that the people can easily visit them and register for the event.

Stay Active

The most important part of free social media marketing is to stay active on the social media pages. Answer to all the queries and comments regularly. Keep posting regularly and also involve the people in activities regularly. An active account attracts more followers than a nonactive one.


Just make sure that you reach out to the maximum audience. In addition to the free social media marketing, you can invest a little money and use other cheaper forms of marketing’s as well. These include flyers and banners, google advertisements and radio announcements. There is a possibility that some of the people are unaware of the social media and to have the best kind of publicity, mixing up all the things is the best way. All in all, keep everything interesting and be as creative as possible. We assure you that your event will be one of the best of all times.


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