How to Plan a Food Tasting Fundraiser

Food is one of the most favorite things to all the people in the world. Food is a great way to bring people closer together and educate them about a cause. For any organization, a fundraiser is a great way to get the public aware of their cause and also get some permanent donors. This is also a great way to advertise and collect some funds that can later be used for the greater good of the society. If the cause is valid and the funds are actually helping the people or animals in need, there is a 100% surety that the people will be attracted to the event. The cause is enough to attract a lot of people but adding food to it will guarantee a lot of raised funds and also a successful event.


A food tasting event is a sure shot solution to the funding problem of any organization. Everyone loves to have a new meal and support a cause. The food tasting fundraiser is fun but arranging it can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of planning and expertise to arrange such an event. So for the people who are new to this and have no idea how to go about it, we have tried to include a point by point guide to give you an outline of how this should be done. Read below for more information.


Make a food tasting fundraiser plan

The very first thing to do in any kind of event is to set up a detailed plan. As we have already said in our posts, a plan is very important to make an event a hit or a flop. In the case of a food tasting fundraiser, the planning needs to be done very carefully. Since a lot of food options are available from all around the world but not all are worth serving at a fundraiser. Make a plan that includes everything big or small. Set up an efficient team to do this work. Imagine what the food tasting fundraiser is going to be like in your head and then set the plan accordingly. Do not forget to make a separate plan for the emergency situations.


Select the type of foods to showcase

Now, the main attraction of a food tasting fundraiser is the food. So, plan the food properly. You want to be innovative in your food offerings but also keep in mind that the people should like it. Putting up uncommon dishes made with ingredients that most people do not know about can put you in the loss. Try and select the foods that are easy to eat and appeal the masses. Ask the local restaurants to tie up with you and come up with innovative dishes under a budget to serve at the food tasting. This will not only make your event popular but will also advertise these eateries. Always have a drinks corner at the event. People always feel thirsty after eating and will surely buy some drinks from the stalls increasing your profits.

Set a budget

Next, comes the budget. Although budgeting is a part of the fundraiser planning we want to discuss this separately since it’s very important. Always make two budgets, one is the actual fundraiser budget and the other is the emergency budget. Keep the emergency budget aside all throughout the planning and arranging. No matter how much you need the money, do not touch it. Now for the normal budget, try and make a separate budget for every small thing and try to make the arrangements for it. Try and cut costs anywhere possible. Tie up with local vendors to finance you so that they can gain some publicity from your fundraiser and you can save some money. Send out attractive proposals to the sponsors if any.

Select the venue

The venue is another big decision to make while arranging a food tasting fundraising event. Make sure that the venue is accessible and big enough to fit all the attendees. Make sure it has all the amenities like chairs and tables and electricity easily available. Take a rough estimate of the number of people attending the event and choose the place accordingly. The people should easily be able to see the food items, sit and eat them and also communicate.


Next, comes the promotion. Now, without getting the word out in public you will not be able to attract the crowd to your food tasting fundraiser. So, make sure you do the marketing right. Do not just use one platform since it will target only a single type of audience. Make the most use of social media. Social media is the biggest mode of advertisement and is totally free. So, it is an amazing option for the nonprofit organizations. Use email marketing and media marketing to target the audience that is not available on these social media platforms. The more you advertise, the more crowd you will attract. So, start early and make the advertisements catchy and attractive.

Check and re-check

As the event day comes closer, make sure to check and re-check with all the service providers like the caterers, vendors and the venue. This will give you enough time to sort out an issue early. Make sure to check with the vendors that the food is fresh and in hygienic conditions. The health of the people should be your first priority. Do not believe them unless you check it yourself. Also, have an ambulance or medical professional service available for any kind of mishaps.

On the event day

When the day of the food tasting fundraiser comes make sure that all the arrangements are completed at least a couple of hours before the people start to come in. Do not keep anything for the last moment. In addition to this check all the arrangements yourself. Brief your volunteers treat the people with a lot of respect and importance. Keep in mind that these are the people who can end up being permanent donors for your cause. Listen to their requests and try to get out the message about your cause loud and clear.


With these small things in mind, your food tasting fundraiser is sure to be a huge success. Just stick to the plan and be a little careful. Have a great food tasting fundraiser!



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