Festivals Handbook: Plan A Successful Festival

Festivals are becoming more and more popular with time these days and each and every festive has something different and better than the previous one. There is such a huge scope in the variety of festivals that it gets really confusing. Not only is the scope big but with the technological advancements, these festivals are becoming something huge. Festivals sure are an amazing way to gather people and bring them together to have some fun. They are also a great way to spread awareness and share the different music and art cultures all around the world. There are so many different types of festivals like music festivals, food festivals, cultural festivals and art festivals etc. people love them and they are always a huge hit.

The festivals are also a great way for the companies to promote their brands and for the artists to promote their music and much more. Festivals can be big or small. They can be planned for just a group of people or the people from all over the world can come and have the time of their lives. The festivals are held at an outdoor space usually and include a lot of preparation.

Festival does sound as an interesting thing to do but when it comes to planning it, it is way more complicated than it looks. Planning a festival is one of the most tiring and draining tasks especially for a beginner. There are a lot of things to be taken care of and if one of these things go wrong, the whole festival gets ruined.

So if you are planning a festival for the first time and have no idea how to go about it. We are here to help. We have curated some steps that you can follow to plan yourself one of the best festivals ever. Read below to find out more:

The type of festivals and its plan

The first thing that you will do is to pick out the type of festival. The type of festival will not only include the type of activities that will be displayed. It will include the size of the festival, the venue for the festival and a number of people you want to attract to the festival. So, decide how big you want the festival to be. This will directly impact on your search for a good venue and the number of people to invite. Decide if it is an indoor festival, a field festival or a beach festival etc. Keep in mind that the venue you choose should have all the facilities for the guests.

A festival is a big celebration and might need some permits. Enquire about all the permits and get them ready for the day of the festival. Draw a well-defined plan for all these things before going any further.


Next, comes the goals of the festival. Decide whether the festival is a non-profit one or you are earning some cash from it. This will greatly impact the costing and pricing of the things. There can be other reasons for a festival like promotions or generating awareness and much more. However, most festivals are organised to gain profits. So, make sure you arrange everything in a way that you make some profit by the end of it. For this decide a definitive profit goal.


The team you pick is responsible for making the festival a success or a failure. So pick wisely. The number of members in the team depends on how big the festival is. So, decide what kind of team members you need. If you have enough funds, paying your volunteers is not a bad idea. This will make them work better. If you do not have enough findings, pay back your volunteers in some other ways. Always make sure that the people you hire have the required skill set for the festival event. Remember one skilled person is better than 10 unskilled ones.

Partners and Sponsors

Now you will need some money to host the festival. In order to get that money, you need partners or sponsors. Getting sponsors is not an easy task. So make a good looking proposal and talk to the sponsors a long time before the actual event date. This will give you enough time to talk to a lot of interested sponsors. If sponsors are not what you want then go for partners. Partner with various companies. Divide the profits amongst each other. This is a win-win situation for both the parties.


After arranging for the funds, it’s time to decide the performers or the participants. The participants are a very big part of the festival since they are the people around whom the whole festival revolves. So, make sure you choose the people accordingly. Make a separate budget for these participants. Rehearse and practice the whole event proceedings with them and let them know everything you want from them.


After deciding everything comes marketing. Although this is the last step. However, it is the most important step in making the festival a huge success. Attracting the crowd is very important. So, start marketing early. As soon as you decide the date and venue, kick start your marketing plan. Make sure to promote on various platforms. Social media is the best way to market your festival and that too for free. Make a page for your festival event and send out invites. Another way is to use email marketing to attract the attendees. Sell your tickets online and ask the people to share it with their friends.

In addition to the social media marketing try out radio marketing, television and print media marketing. If these are not enough then there is always flyers and posters to attract the people towards you.


Just make sure after all the arrangements are done, you check and recheck with the venue and other people that the arrangements are coming out as expected. Always make a backup budget and a plan in case of emergencies. With these steps in mind, arrange a successful and fun filled festival event.

Check and Re-check


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