Fest-Style DJ Music Event

DJ events! Who does not love them? Everyone does! More and more DJ events are being arranged every now and then. These have a huge crowd gathering and are a great way to have fun and also meet new people. Dj music events are also a great way to promote different kinds of music and bring people from all over the world closer. The DJ music events can have lots of different types. The most famous these days are the fest-style DJ music events. The fest-style DJ events are the ones where there are performances by different DJs over a period of few days.

These events are held at huge places with a huge number of people attending it. There is an entry ticket and the people are served some sort of food and alcoholic beverages to enjoy with the music. The fest-style DJ music event usually lasts for more than a couple of days and lots of artists perform in them. Various DJ booths are set and the people can enjoy the music from afar. Some places have stalls set up to sell merchandises, foods and beverages.

The Fest-Style DJ music events are really fun to attend,  but is it fun to arrange them? The answer to this question depends on how much experience the planner has in arranging these kinds of events. A Fest-Style DJ event is a huge celebration and needs some detailed planning. Everything about the event is large and even a small mishappening can make the whole event a total failure. This might sound like a really daunting task for the new planners. If you are planning to host a Fest-Style DJ Music Event and have no idea how to arrange it. We are here to help. Here are some basic rules of planning a Fest-Styled DJ Music Event:


The Purpose of The Fest-Style Event

Decide the exact purpose of your fest-style event. The purpose can be anything from trying to gain profit to an advertisement to the promotion of music and much more. Some of these events are profit based and some are not. Your purpose of the event will really help in building a solid plan and a budget. Lay down all your purposes on a sheet and explain it to your team.

The Budget For The Fest-Style Event

Next big step, in any event, is the budget. Make sure you include everything while deciding an estimated cost. Since a DJ Music Fest is a huge event. It requires a huge amount of money. Look out for potential sponsors and partners. Make a detailed proposal of the event. Make a list of all the sponsors and partners. Go to them one by one in person with your proposal. Sit down and explain to them everything about the event and how it will be beneficial to both the parties. Discuss all the terms and conditions before taking any money.

Once you have the money, set aside an emergency budget. Divide the rest of the budget equally amongst the different activities of the event.

The Plan of Action

Once you exactly know how much money can be spent on the fest-style DJ music event, make a detailed plan for it. Include all the small and big details in the plan like the number of guests, the type of food and beverages, the ambience and decoration of the venue etc. Make sure you decide a number of attendees beforehand because the budget for most of the activities depends greatly on them.  include all the food items and the kind of stalls that will be put. Also, make a list of all the vendors and service providers beforehand. 

The Team

Your team will be responsible for making this event a success or a failure. So choose the team members really carefully. There is a huge chance that you might need volunteers for some tasks more than you planned. Decide the pay of these volunteers in advance. Discuss the full agreement with them before hiring. Remember, quality is better than quantity. So, it is better to have one qualified individual in your team than 10 unqualified people. They will only make the planning harder.

The Artists

The artists or the DJs are the USP of the music event. Make sure you contact and book them at least a month before the show. Start planning to contact all the potential artists as soon as possible. Jott down the names of the artists you wish to call. Contact their managers. Now arrange a personal meeting with the managers or the artists. Tell them all about your event and what is the purpose of it. Ask the artist about any special requests or changes they want to make in the contract. Discuss the budget and fix a payment early in the conversation. Set up everything and book the artist. You will need more than one DJs. So, make sure to keep lots of options handy.

The Venue and Decoration

The venue is the next thing. Make a list of all the potential venues that fit your budget and has all the required amenities. It is a music event and sound system of the venue is very important. Ask the venue about all the sound settings and requirements. Make sure that space is enough to fit all the attendees and to set up the booths and stalls. Also, make sure that the venue is easily accessible and the artist is ok with it.

Most of the Fest-style DJ Music Events have a theme. Keep the theme in mind and make the decorations accordingly. There are lots of technological advancements that have started being used in the events, make sure you enquire about them and use them in your setups.

Promotion and Tickets

Promotions are very important in attracting the people to your DJ event. Start promoting the event early. Make a social media page of your event and send event invites to as many people as possible. Keep posting about the celebrities performing at the event. Keep updating interesting things on these pages. Social media is a boon to the world of promotions but do not just stick to social media. Use other forms of promotions like newspapers, banners, posters and flyers. Making radio announcements and using email marketing is also helpful. Sell your tickets online. Tie up with the sites that sell tickets and price the tickets decently.


Keep in mind these things about planning a fest-style DJ music event and have fun while at it.



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