Event Technology Trends in 2017

Event management has been one of the fields that are using technology to its full potential. Every time there is a new technology that comes up and is instantly picked up by the event industry. With so many new things and ideas emerging every day, there is a stiff competition among the event planners to give their clients the best experience. This brings the need to constantly hunt for new technology and find ways to incorporate it into the events.

Apart from the fact that these technologically advanced techniques make an event a huge success, there are some other uses of it as well. The first one is that it makes the work a lot easier. The things that were usually set up in weeks can be done within a few days or hours. Communication is easier and so is the planning. The next benefit of this is that it target more and more people all around the world at a time. The basic motive of an event is to target the people. Technology makes this extremely easy to achieve. The people not present at the event can also easily be a part of it. The last benefit is that it cuts cost. This might sound contrary to the popular beliefs but the use of advanced technology cuts down the cost of a lot of things.

Every year we see new trends emerging in this field. Here are a few event technology trends to look out for in 2017:

3D Scanning and Printing

3D Scanning and Printing has been helping people all around the world. It has been a huge breakthrough for the medical and non-medical sciences. Its use in event technology has grown and it is sure to be one of the most widely used technology trends this year. Many caterers and restaurants have come up with 3D printed desserts and food items. Apart from this various event planners are using this technique to make 3D sculptures and models of various thing that otherwise took weeks and months. This now takes about a couple of days and the job is perfectly done without any human errors.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is another innovation that is constantly used by the big companies to promote their brands.  The Augmented reality is a technique which makes some alterations in the surroundings of a person. it puts new objects into the place that do not exist in reality. An example of the augmented reality is the very famous game, Pokemon Go. Just like this when a person points his or her camera at a particular place, it somehow comes to life and starts showing things that are not already present in it. It is a very new concept that needs experimentation. But, there is a huge possibility that there will events organized around this new technology that will be a huge success. Augmented Reality is the new trend in the planning of an event with tremendous potential to turn into a big trend. Many applications are yet to be created around it.

Live Streaming Event

Live Streaming is another very new and extremely useful technological tool that has hit the event management business like a storm. In the past months, we have seen all the social media channels have introduced the live streaming feature and people are going crazy about it. This is the ticket for the event planners to publicize their events. This is something that is very helpful before, after and even during the event. Before the event, use live streaming as a tool of publicity, after the event uses it to know the reactions of the people that attended the event and during the event, the attendees who live stream it will let the world see some of the best parts of your event. This is a sure recipe for a successful event.

Live streaming and crowd streaming is becoming more and more advanced with the time. It is is another event technology that has a huge potential to make any event an instant success.

Drones and Robots

Robots and Drones have now become one of the best tech trend 2017. Many people use drones to record the 360-degree views of their events. These drones are also making communication easier. Although they are used in very few areas right now, there is a huge possibility that we will see more drones doing a variety or work in the year 2017.

Similarly, robots have become a crowd pleaser. The various activities of their robots amaze people. They are so versatile that they can fit at any place and do any work in an event. They can also cut the man force and help manage lots of tasks with speed and efficiency. We need to wait into the year and see what new features the developers come up with.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is another tool that has been increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds. There are literally thousands of people going crazy for this new tech trend.Event management companies are also trying to incorporate this tech into their programs to attract more and more people. The VR can give a person one of the best experiences if used properly. The experts say that this trend is the one to stay.  

Biometric Data

Biometrics is something that has been a huge technological development for the scientists and the governments. But, how can event management stay away from any new technology? Many companies are using biometric to know their customer better. Biometric booths give them this opportunity. The study of body language and facial expression to a product gives them this information. Biometric is a trend that is not very widely popular but has a lot of possibilities. With constant research and development soon there will be simpler ways to use it in the day to day lives.

These are the few trends you will see in the upcoming 2017. There is a possibility for more innovation that we do not even know about.

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