eSports Game Event- How To Plan

With so many new games being launched every day and the technology getting advanced with each day, there are games evolving from all around the world. With such a huge gamer base, there is a need for eSports events every now and then. Competitive gaming has evolved a lot from small cafes to big tournaments. These are held in huge stadiums and big places. A huge sum of money is invested into these and in most cases, the people are not as aware of these eSports tournament. 

For the people who do not know what an eSport tournament is, we give you a brief description. As the name suggests it is a sport that uses electronic devices as the medium of gameplay. So, the professional video gaming is eSport. Gaming is increasingly becoming a career choice and it is just not confined to entertainment. People are making money playing these video games and have a successful career in it. Some selected games that the players prefer to play in the mainstream eSports tournament are  Counter-strike, League of Legends, FIFA, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Halo and much more.

eSporsts really fun and the competition is a great way to develop a feeling of sportsmanship. These eSports events are also a great way to bring together people from all over the world at one place and help build communal harmony. Esports although is not as famous as the traditional sport, there is a huge potential for it to reach that level.

Since most of the people attending these eSport tournaments are a pro at gaming and technology, the venue and decorations of the event space are done with the latest tech and engineering. If you want to plan an eSport game event, you need to know that it is not an easy task. But if you still want to try your luck at planning an eSport Game Event, we can help you. Here is a small guide on everything that you need in order to make your event an instant success.

The Purpose and Size of the eSports Event

Define the actual purpose of your event. Visit a few other eSports events and make notes of how things are working. This will help you form a firm decision on how big you want your event to be. If you are a beginner, stick to hosting a small size event and not take a plunge to a bigger one. These events are a lot of work and if you do not have any experience with the smaller ones first, you will mess up real bad.

Decide a realistic goal to your event. Do not just go for high figures because there are chances that you might not make as much money as expected for the first time. The key to success is to keep a realistic goal and work hard to achieve it.

The Type Of Games Involved

The main aim of an eSports game event is to play games. So, deciding what game will work for you is very important. Know the game you select for the tournament. The game should attract attendees. So take a scan of the audience you are targeting and know what kind of gaming interests them. Also, setting a tournament with the gaming servers is a really complicated task. So, make sure you research and practice the game before putting it up on the list.

Number of Players

The size of the event automatically decides the number of players supposed to attend the tournament. However making a rough estimate is not a bad thing. You have to plan a number of player specific things. Give entry tickets to a selected number of players only.


For hosting an eSports event budget is very important. There are many things that cost a lot of money. Getting sponsors is the best way to collect some money. Make a planned proposal for a number of potential sponsors and meet them to explain the scope of your event. Start trying this a long time before the actual event so that if one sponsor bails on you, you have enough time to contact the other. Explain to them all the details about your event and do not take any funding until both the parties are clear about the terms and conditions.

Venue and Setup

Finding a good venue for the event sure is a big challenge. Find a venue that fits all the attendees and still have space for the arrangement of other things. For the big size events you can choose public places such as community centres, schools, colleges, stadiums, and if you have a good budget then a private venue is the best option. Do not forget to take all the necessary permissions before the event.

Decide a theme for your eSport event and make all the decorations and setups accordingly. Be as creative as possible. Try and make the most out of the space. The better the venue will look, the more people it will attract.

A Team

Select your team members with caution. Make sure they have all the knowledge about eSport events. Hire only the people who qualify for the job. Remember the payment of the team will come out from the budget and hiring unnecessary people will only disturb the budget.


To attract the players to your event, have an active online presence. Create and event page and invite people to register for it. Create the page for your event on every single social media site. Since the games are sure to be available on the social media, make the most of this free service. sell your passes and tickets online. Look pages where you will find games and post on them about your tournament. Target the audience exclusively by email marketing. Send personal emails to the potential attendees for them to come and play with you. Make a separate publicity team since publicity is the most important part of your event.

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