How to Plan a Entertainment Show

Entertainment show! This word brings a lot of fun things to mind.Entertainment is what keeps us sane and helps us get through the bad, boring and gloomy days in life. Entertainment has changed definitions over the course of time and with the passing time, new ways of entertainment keep coming into the picture. In the early times, games and stories were the source of entertainment which has turned to tv, movies and games etc. Going to an entertainment show means that you might experience a lot of different performances live Entertainment events can be of many types. They can be music event, dance event, DJ nights, Magicians shows, Plays, Skits and much more. Some Entertainment events have all of it together.

The entertainment industry has flourished to such extents that new technology is being incorporated into these events to make them magnificent. There are numerous entertainment events both large and small scale being organized all over the world for the people to attend and enjoy.Events like festivals and award shows are filled with celebrities and are a big affair. People surely get astounded by the arrangements and the state of art facilities and much more. But one does not realize that a lot of effort goes into organizing such events. The people need to work day and night to make this successfully happen.

If you are planning on organizing an entertainment event, we know you must be really confused. There are so many things to take care of and if you are short of time, things get even more complicated. Beginners always have these problems. Since you want your entertainment event to stand out and be the best amongst the rest. We can help you with your problems. Here is a list of the things that you should do to make your entertainment event a huge success. Keep reading!

Pick A Date For The Entertainment Show Event

The key to organizing a successful event is starting early. Pick out a date for your event and make a plan. Create a team to help you with your planning and arrangements. Select each and every member of your team very carefully and do not add people to the list unnecessarily. Your team will be the one responsible for your success, so take in members accordingly.

Select A Theme and Type Of Entertainment Show

Decide the type of entertainment show to organize. What are the types of performances you want to showcase? It could be a music entertainment show, a play or skit, a dance entertainment show or it might contain all of the performances. Select a theme for the show early on. This will be important for deciding a name and for you to design all the banners and posters for publicity. Also, make sure that all the performances are in accordance with the theme of the event.

Artists and Performers

Make a list of all the artists and performers you think are suitable for your event. Do some research and find out whether they are available on the dates. Now, cross out the ones that are not available. Call each and every artist or send them an email asking for their approval. Note down the artists that respond to your call and meet them in person. Decide all the details like payment, facilities, and duration of performance in advance. Also, sign a detailed contract and include every single detail in it.


Make a list of all the guests you want to invite to your event. If it is a ticket based entertainment even, make sure you clarify the exact numbers of tickets. Do not invite more guests than you can accommodate. Because it is going to get stressful for you.

Set A Budget

Decide the budget according to the plan of the event. Look for sponsors or partners that can help you with the funds. It is important to note that the sponsors will want their share in the profit of your event or want to advertise themselves through the event. So, go for a sponsor if you are comfortable with all this. Also, make sure you discuss all the big and small details with them before accepting any money.


The venue is a very important part of an event preparation. So, select the venue keeping in mind the following points:

Space- The first thing to consider while booking a venue is the space. The venue should be big enough to fit all your guests. Also, make sure it is spacious enough for the people to sit and enjoy the show and move around easily.

Amenities- Things like chairs, tables, air conditioning or fans etc has to be provided by the venue. If it is not in the venue package, make arrangements for them separately.

Electronic and Technological Arrangements– Since it is an entertainment program, things like music system, screens, and projectors are required. These need electricity to run. Make sure there is enough supply of electricity and all the equipment work properly.

Parking– See that there should be enough space for parking around the venue. No matter how small the venue is, the parking space should be big enough to accommodate all the vehicles.

Accessibility– Select a venue that is easily accessible to all the people and can be found easily. Also, the surroundings of the venue should be quiet.

Promotion and Tickets

Promote your event at every place possible. For free publicity choose the internet marketing like social media marketing and email marketing to your advantage. Also, print out flyers and distribute it at places you might find potential attendees. Moreover, radios and newspaper advertisements are also a great way to promote your event.

Sell the tickets online through social media or your event website or offline at different venues. However, a combination of both these methods is the most successful. Price the tickets in such a way that the people can afford it and it is profitable for you too. In addition to this, start the ticket sales as early as possible.

After the event makes sure to thank all the guests for coming and if possible ask them for feedbacks. These feedbacks will be really helpful for you in organising the future events like this. Share the event highlights on social media. But most importantly have some fun. Enjoy all the performances of the night and make sure after the event ends,  go to each performer and thank them for the amazing show they put up. Give them some complimentary gifts or souvenirs if possible. Also, arrange for their transports. Keep all of the above points in mind and have yourself an amazing Entertainment event.


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